Home as a Hobby ~ Dinnerplate Dahlia

Yellow Dahlia from my Garden, May- 2014
Dinnerplate Sized Dahlia ~ Dining Table Decoration

I remember the dahlias in India from my childhood days and their fantastic bloom power. So, here in my Houston home, I make sure I have at least two or three variety dahlia by summer season. I plant the dahlia tubers in Febraury and by May the buds begin to bloom. The variety photographed above is called dinnerplate dahlia. A single flower is almost 10-inches across, that bold, hence the name. In addition to yellow, I have one more dahlia in classy coral red color. They sure make my summer garden vibrant.

If you are new to dahlias, consider giving them a chance. They need basic attention. Like annuals, they bloom almost continually, at least until August in Houston weather. And like perennials, you can keep them alive to grow or replant for the next season. Plus, there are so many colors to choose from.

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