July 7th, 09 In Retrospect

Breakfast (7 AM):
A cup of Ragi Malt sweetened with jaggery
One slice of toasted whole wheat-nut bread with strawberry jam

Lunch (12 PM):
One chapati
Small cup of Palak Chole
Small glass of Tomato Rasam
Small spoon of refreshing and cooling Dadhojanam
Sweet and Juicy Mango, two pieces

Evening (4 PM):
A cup of Ginger tea sweetened with honey.

Dinner (7 PM):
One chapati
Small cup of Palak Chole
small spoon serving of Chickpea Guggullu
Small spoon of refreshing Dadhojanam
Sweet Mango, two pieces at 8PM.

Morning Workout (9-11 AM):
Walked an hour. Weights class, an hour at the gym.

Evening workout (3-6 PM):
Did some yard work. Spruced up the front yard and planted 6 hibiscus, 12 tiny periwinkle plants.

In Retrospect:
Pleasant day.
Missed taking photos of palak chole for the Mahanandi. Next time.


27 Responses to “July 7th, 09 In Retrospect”

  1. vineela says:

    Great schedule with healthy lifestyle

  2. BDSN says:

    Hey Indira..
    Looks like a balanced diet and a good workout plan!!!
    Hey iam also working out on evenings!!! just some cardio and some upper body workout..a total of 20 min or so…nothing great, but still makes me feel good at the end of day!!!!

  3. Kamala says:


    Our family has just recently started a Family Weight Loss Program and as a part of this program we are maintaining daily food and activity logs that we share every day. These logs are written exactly the same way you did here except that we put the intensity level of work out along with type of work out and duration. For food log we put the hunger levels to identify any junk eating patterns. I found it exciting to see your log for yesterday! Great going.

    I am still waiting for the other recipes under Yogi diet category 🙁 I know it takes lots of effort to post each recipe. But can you please put it in “The Most Requested Items” list?

  4. jain says:

    So you didn’t watch Machael Jackson’s memorial service??? I can comfortably say whole world was watching it yesterday!!!

  5. Sandeepa says:

    Our days match in mango eating. Yes, I think that’s about it.:)

    Jain: Sorry to make you uncomfortable but I didn’t watch Michael who service.

  6. sanjana says:

    I am guessing this is about 1000 calories. If you are exercising so much, you need more calories.

  7. Ash says:

    Well, I too didn’t watch Micheal Jackson service.
    Whole world? isn’t that an overstatement? Whole world has lot of things on their mind than sitting in front of TV and numbing their brains in corporate-dictated programs.

  8. DK says:

    God Indira! You hardly eat and for the amount of physical activity you do, the intake seems pretty less. All said and done you know your body better and understand it much more than what we seemingly feel after seeing your chart. Healthy food + Healthy lifestyle = healthy mind and it shows at Mahanandi! 🙂

  9. Bhuvana says:

    I didn’t do even a peek of Michael’s memorial. But, I was never a part of the so called “whole world”.

  10. Suma says:

    What an idyllic and ideal day!

  11. Radhika says:

    Hey Indira,

    I tried look for Palak Chole recipe but did not find it. Can you please post it for us?


  12. Ramani says:

    Breakfast: Upma with coconut chutney
    Lunch: Rice, Stuffed eggplant curry, tomato rasam and curd. Mango fruit.
    Evening: Cardamom tea and muruku.
    Dinner: Same stuff but in less quantity and one full mango.
    Yummy day.:)

  13. Sunitha says:

    Morning: Was running late for work. Had a sip of coffee and a Kasi energy bar.
    Noon: Grilled veggie pannini and blueberry yogurt
    Evening: A small piece of cake (colleague’s birthday), and a cup of tea.
    Night: chapati and some leftover tomato dal and cauliflower curry.
    No complaints kind of day.
    No disrespect but so saturated with the MJ’s death covereage on TV, so trying to avoid watching memorial footage.

  14. Sudha says:

    Tiffin: Idly and ginger chutney
    Noon: Rice, okra sambar and Indian broadbean curry with yogurt and watermelon. Sabudana vadiyams on the side.
    Evening: Sonti tea and store-bought nippattu.
    Dinner: Same but with chapati.
    Happy day foodwise.:)

  15. lazy blogger says:

    I admire your portion control. If only i could watch the amount of rice i eat…

  16. Roma says:

    What is Dadhojanam?

  17. Ranjan says:

    Indira, you have got great will power! Your meals sound very healthy. Yesterday, toast for breakfast, pasta salad for lunch, evening 2 chapatis with peas & potatoe curry, and rice. AND for dessert cheesecake. Must start healthy eating and do more exercise. I find it so hard to cut back on carbs.

  18. Healthy lifestyle.. I love Ragi malt and Dadhojanam

  19. Kay says:


  20. dadhojanam is curd rice with tadka or popu. tastes good with lemon pickle and papads..

  21. Cilantro says:

    So who eats the yummy food you make???

  22. Usha says:

    wow. Please tell me you don’t eat like this everyday 🙂 If you do, I really need to get my act together. Here I was feeling very happy with my portion control and some dietery changes that I have recently made.

    Would never question a Doctor (and Indira :-)) but how do you manage to get your daily calcium requirement(given the fact that you take ragi and tea with little milk).

  23. Madhuram says:

    I too have to second DK.

  24. Michelle says:

    Indira-sounds wonderfully healthy. Calorie restriction or eating less than the required amount has actually been proven to be very beneficial. I myself prefer small portions and feel all the more energetic for it.

    Usha- Dairy is not the only source for Calcium. 😉

  25. B says:

    I have very good friend name Indira. Love your food experiments. Off to workout but an afternoon one

    And here goes my list:
    Breakfast: Steel cut oats with raw milk and maple syrup
    snack: fig
    lunch: mexican bean salad, melons, raspberries, home made yogurt with honey
    Looking forward to : tea with cherry clafouti

  26. madhuri says:

    wow Indira! what a schedule! btw the lemon pickle turned out good.I would say8/10..

    U hardly eat and u work out so much!! No wonder you are busy with ur daily activities..

  27. Ranjan says:

    Hi Indira, I wonder if you could post few low calorie/low fat recipes please or suggest ones that are low fat recipes. Have started exercising, swimming and walking but when it comes to meals salads are OK at lunch time but in the evening I get cravings for something tasty and satisfying. Hope your works outs are going well.

    Sorry fo the late reply. Quite busy at the homefront.
    I also go through severe cravings at dinner time some days. I will definitely think and write few recipes that satisfy such cravings.

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