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Weekend Offer ~ Red Chilli Pickle

Red Chilli Pickle from Andhra
4 oz jar of red chilli pickle

Red Chilli Pickle:

Last week I prepared an Andhra style, red chilli pickle with ripe, red Serrano chillies. The pickle is all natural ingredients, stone-ground, and extremely hot. It tastes great when applied in small quantity on breakfast items, to spread on sandwiches, or to spike up the sauces. The detailed recipe is here. I am offering 5 jars of pickle for those of you interested chilli fans who would like to try.

4 oz jar for $ 9.99 (includes shipping).
Update: Soldout. Thank you!


Summer Blooms ~ Scarlet Rose Mallow

Scarlet Rose Mallow Flower in Closeup
Scarlet Rose Mallow Flower

Texas Star Hibiscus (Hibiscus Coccineus), also known as Scarlet Rose Mallow or Swamp Hibiscus, is a one of a kind, native perennial plant. Hardy in warm areas, this hibiscus is known for its maple like 5-lobed leaves and star like 5-petal blooms. The big, bright red blossoms last a day, with new flowers quickly taking their place. This hardy perennial is a butterfly and hummingbird magnet.

I have this plant in my garden since last year and I am very pleased with its low maintenance and high blooms appearance. After seeing the flowers this year, many of my friends wanted to have this plant in their garden. I shared the seeds with them. I have some more seeds for sale for those of you interested in native plant gardening.

Seeds sprout easily in soil or in containers with enough sunlight and water exposure.
Once established, the plant does not need much care or water.
Dies down in winter and comes back again in late spring from seeds.
Profuse, pretty blooms from July to October.

Scarlet Rose Mallow (Hibiscus Coccineus): 20 seeds for $4

Scarlet Rose Mallow Seeds
Scarlet Rose Mallow Seeds


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