Brussels Sprouts Basmati

Wakeup, Work, Watch. Wakeup to wintry silence.
Wakeup. Work. Watch. Work an endless whirlwind.
Wakeup. Work, Watch. Watch the world pass by.

In a rhythmic routine that revolves around night, dawn, noon, dusk, and night…, bed, work, prayer, table, TV …, sleep, work, eat, meditate and watch… once in a while, for a change, having a bowl of basmati… It’s a refreshing experience!

Brussels sprouts are in season right now and I wanted to cook something new. When I added them to biryani, these wintry, cute ‘cabbage mini me’s’ woke up wonderfully to the flavor warmth of Bharath basmati. Excellent recipe for that special occasion. Give it a try.

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts Basmati
(serves four or six)

Recipe happens in four steps.

Step 1: Basmati
2 cups of good quality, aged basmati rice and 4 cups water
1/4 teaspoon, turmeric or saffron soaked in a tablespoon of milk

Take the basmati rice in a wide pan. Add water and turmeric or saffron infused milk. Mix, and cover the pan. Cook over medium heat until the rice is done to tender individuality.

Step 2: Ruchi
2 tablespoons, grated fresh coconut or cashews
1 teaspoon, grated ginger
1 plump garlic clove, skin peeled
2 sprigs, fresh cilantro
2 fresh green chillies
Take the above in a grinder. Add two cloves, 1-inch piece of cinnamon, a tablespoon of coriander seeds, quarter teaspoon each, cumin and black peppercorn. Grind the ingredients to silky-smooth paste. Add few teaspoons of water if necessary for easy blending.

Step 3: Brussels:
1 tablespoon, ghee or peanut oil
2 tablespoons, golden raisins
2 tablespoons, cashew pieces
1 red onion or 2 or 3 shallots, sliced thinly lengthwise
12 brussels sprouts, sliced thinly lengthwise
1/2 teaspoon salt or to taste
1/4 teaspoon turmeric

In a skillet, heat ghee or oil. When it is hot, add the cashews and golden raisins. Sauté until golden. Add onions and cook until brown. Add the brussels sprouts and sauté to tender. Sprinkle salt and turmeric. And add the masala paste from step 2. Mix well and stir-fry, stirring often for about five minutes.

Step 4: Brussels Basmati
Spoon the brussels sprouts mixture on top of the cooked basmati rice in the pan. Cut and juice a lemon or a small sweet orange. Mix well and adjust salt to your taste. Serve hot with kurma or raita or with some boiled eggs for an excellent meal.

Brussels Sprouts Basmati in Boiled Egg
Brussels Sprouts Basmati in a Boiled Egg ~ for meal today


12 Responses to “Brussels Sprouts Basmati”

  1. rashmi says:

    nice idea to add brussel sprouts to the meal…will try soon.

  2. vineela says:

    love the recipe ,indira.
    excellent picture.
    thanks for sharing

  3. Madhuram says:

    That’s an interesting way to use brussel sprouts. Thanks for dropping by Indira. I’m glad that you are doing fine now. Take care.

  4. Rani Roopmati says:

    Hello Indira,
    Hope all’s well with you.
    A very innovative recipe. Will definitely try it out.
    Thank you for sharing.

  5. gopinath says:

    ఇందిర గారూ, పుల్ల పెరుగుతో దోసెలు వేయటం ఎలానో చెప్పగలరా. మేము పుల్ల పెరుగు మరియు రవ్వ (౩ పాళ్ళు) ఇంకా మైదాపిండి (1 పావు) కలిపి ప్రయత్నించాం. పరవలేదనిపించింది. కృతఙ్ఞతలు. మీ వెబ్సైటులో ఎక్కడ అడగాలో తెలీక ఇక్కడ రాస్తున్నాను. మన్నించగలరు. కోనేటి సునీతా దేవి కోసం, కోనేటి గోపీనాథ్ అడుగుతున్నప్రశ్న.

  6. Ranjan says:

    Indira, sounds really nice. I have not used brussel sprouts with spices before, and this sounds wonderful meal especially in winter.

  7. Sayantani says:

    our local supermarket here in Banaglore has started stocking brussels sprouts. was thinking of bringing some home. and here you are with this wonderful recipe. will try soon.

  8. Priti says:

    What an innovation Indira.You sure have a scientists brain when it comes to food.Thanks for posting such a novel and healthy recipe.

  9. Indira says:

    Thanks friends for your appreciative comments. Hope you get a chance to try and enjoy this recipe.

    కోనెటి గారు, మీరు చెసిన విధానము బాగున్నది. ఒక గుప్పెడు బియ్యం పిండి, కొంచం జీలకర్ర మరియు వాము కూడ కలిపి చూడండి.

  10. Madhoo says:

    hi Indira,
    Very fresh and innovative idea…. will give it a try over the weekend…
    thanks for posting.

  11. madhu.g says:

    With boiled eggs it’s an excellent meal for me. Thank you.

  12. Nithya says:

    Love the recipe.. Very innovative..thanks for sharing..

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