Sri Rama Navami Naivedyam

Sri Rama Navami Naivedyam
Phuspam, Phalam, Panakam and Vadapappu ~ Naivedyam on Sri Ramanavami

Panakam Prasadam
(for a chembu or two glasses of Panakam)

2 tablespoons of Jaggery pieces
2 glasses of cold water
Pinch of sonti powder

Add jaggery and sonti to water. Mix until jaggery disssolves completely in water. Offer to Bhagavan and then enjoy the refreshing taste of Panakam Prasadam with family and friends.


7 Responses to “Sri Rama Navami Naivedyam”

  1. Aditi says:

    Magnificent!! The deities in your picture are simply divine 🙂 Beautiful arrangement. Thank you, Indira for sharing with us.

  2. Krishnaveni says:

    Indira, Do you remember me? We met at a party couple of weeks ago. Happy Sri Ramanavami!
    I also made panakam, vadapappu, vada, pulihora and payasam for neivedyam.

    Hi Krishnaveni, So good to see you here. Happy Sriramanavami to you and your lovely family. Neivedyam sounds divine.

  3. Malar says:

    Your pooja self or room look great. Can you post a full picture of your pooja shelf?Divine.

    Hello Malar, thanks. You can find it in archives.

  4. seema says:


  5. Sandhya says:

    beautiful! how do you clean your silver so nicely? can you please share? thanks!

    Hi Sandhya: I use regular cleaning liquid and somehow they seem to work fine.

  6. bvreddy says:

    Well, a small tip on cleaning silver items.
    Take a silver foil large enough to cover your silver items and pour baking powder generously all over the silver items. Place the silver foil and items in a big silver bowl (we use an old pressure cooker) and pour boiling water to cover all the items. Cover the bowl with the lid. After 15 minutes, take out the sparkling silver items.

  7. Recipe mom says:

    wow this looks so good. the arrangement is so well done and pretty 🙂

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