Jihva Workout Vratham ~ Week 1

May 1st:

Vratham Food:
Morning: a cup of moong sprouts. Toasted lightly and seasoned with sea salt and black pepper
Noon: a cup of drumstick sambar and 12 roasted chestnuts
I wasn’t feeling much hungry so I had some fruit and buttermilk.
1 cup of pear fruit slices
1 glass ginger buttermilk (homemade)
6 glasses of water, throughout the day
15 minutes meditation + 30 minutes walk.

May 2nd:

Vratham Food:
Morning: 1 glass of ragi malt and 1 cup moong sprouts
Noon: One cup of chole and one cup yogurt
Evening: Big bowl of sauteed amaranth leaves with brown chickpeas
One cup, pear fruit slices
6 glasses of water throughout the day
15 minutes meditation and + 30 minutes walk

May 3rd:

Vratham Food:
Morning: 1 glass of ragi malt sweetned with a tad of jaggery, and 15 rehydrated almonds
Noon: 1 big bowl of baby spinach with brown chickpea saute, and 1 glass of buttermilk
Evening: 1 glass of ragi malt sweetened with jaggery
Dinner: 2 rotis and a cup of palak paneer without paneer
1 small cup of cucumber and carrot slices
Workout: 15 minutes meditation + 30 minutes Pilates + 1 hour kickboxing at the gym.

May 4th:
Vratham Food:
Morning: 1 glass of ragi malt sweetned with jaggery and 15 rehydrated almonds
Noon: 1 small cup of palak paneer without paneer, 1 big bowl of toor dal rasam and 1 small cup of cucumber and carrot slices
Evening: 4 stuffed baby karela, 1 big bowl of toor dal rasam and 1 bowl of pineapple slices
6 glasses of water throughout the day
Workout: 15 min meditation + 1 hour spinning + 30 min weights

May 5th:
Vratham Food:
Morning: 1 glass of ragi malt sweetened with jaggery and 15 rehydrated almonds
Noon: 1 cup malabar spinach dal with a cup of rice, a cup of carrot and cucumber kosambari and a cup of sweet pineapple fruit
Evening: 1 cup of cardamom chai
1 cup malabar spinach dal with karela curry, a cup of carrot and cucumber kosambari and a cup of sweet pineapple slices. Not a good day foodwise because I had white rice and chai.
Workout: 15 min meditation + 15 min walk + 1 hour latin dance class at the gym.

May 6th:
Vratham Food:
Morning: 1 glass of ragi malt sweetened with Jaggery and 15 rehydrated almonds
Noon: 1 cup carrot sambar, 1 cup moongdal-cucumber kosambari and a cup of pineapple slices
Evening: 2 pesarattus with chilli chutney and a glass of ragi ambali
Workout: Gardening and Home cleaning + 30 minutes walk
Beautiful day. For the first time this season, I saw couple of hummingbirds in our backyard. They were enjoying pomegranate flowers.

May 7th:
Vratham Food:
Morning: 2 glasses of lemon(lime) water.
Noon: 1 big bowl of fruit kosambari (strawberries+pineapple+pear) and 1 glass of strawberry-almond milk shake with little bit honey
Evening: Friends came over for dinner and I too had some food that I shouldn’t have.
Workout: 15 minutes meditation + An elaborate dinner menu preparation in the kitchen.
Thanks Sailaja and family for the lovely evening and beautiful chrysanthemums.


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  1. harini-jaya says:

    Interesting schedule..I wish I could do this now..

  2. R says:

    surprisingly all food bloggers are staying out of this…i was also doing in the same lines..i ate i small bagel, buttermilk today for breakfast, i chapati + dhal+malbar spinach+tomato dhal ( with less kandipappu) , one orange for snack.
    3-4 glasses of water so far.

  3. krithika says:

    May 3:

    morning : green tea with cardamom (no sweetner)
    breakfast : big bowl of fresh fruits (pineapple, apple and pear)
    lunch : chana dal kosumbari with spinach,cucumber,carrots, sunflower seeds, cilantro, green chillies and mustard seed tadka
    evening snack : baby carrots with some almonds
    dinner : jowar and besan roti with salad, home made yogurt, spinach and green peas subzi.

  4. krithika says:

    walking on the treadmill : 30mins
    Pilates/crunches : 30 mins

  5. SS says:

    Hey Indira.. nice to see your update. I noticed updates on some other blogs too! You ladies are going to rock this vratham! 🙂

    Since I am only doing a 2 mile walk every week in May focusing on Moms, I think it may be enough for me to post one post on my blog and update my progress there: http://ss-blogs-here.blogspot.com/2010/05/two-miles-for-moms-in-may.html

    I did put in 2 miles on Sunday. Will post about it as soon as possible. I am finding the focus and meditation aspect of this walk tricky. Would love some tips on meditation if you have any to offer! 🙂

    Cheers and best wishes to all!

    Hi SS: Thanks for participating with your 2 mile walk.
    About the meditation, I agree that it is difficult to keep the mind still and without any thoughts. What I do is, focus on the rhythm of the breathing (inhale … exhale). It slows down other thoughts and helps to focus the mind. I think meditation needs some regular practice, like any other thing to achieve that stillness.

  6. Diane says:

    wow – you are so good. I’ve already slipped, and decided coffee is in (too hard to eliminate right now), and I went out for dinner tonight and ate meat.

    But on the positive side, I’m eating sprouted mung dal dosas for breakfast each day, vegetarian meals aside from my meal out, and meditating regularly.

  7. Interesting !!

  8. Kamala says:

    Indira garu,

    I had initially planned to follow your diet plan starting the second week of WV. But looking at your logs today, I am very inspired to start some diet plan right away.

    I have been working towards making some lifestyle modifications to withstand the pressure and workload of my grad school work. Your WV came in a right time for me. Though I am eating and staying healthy recently, I would like to test my abilities to control the food cravings. I want to quit eating rice as part of the Vratam (Got delicious Kottavakkaya from India recently and its been really difficult for me to avoid eating it). I hope this vratam will help me to realize how much control I have on my mind.
    Below is my workout log for the past three days. I am having hard time doing the meditation. Every time I sit to meditate, my mind starts to think about my ongoing dissertation and I have difficulty in focusing and stay calm  . I used to meditate during my undergraduation. Need little more time to make myself focused I guess. I am going to enter my food and activity log starting today.

    May 1st: Brisk walking – Moderate intensity – 1 hour – Not effective Meditation session

    May 2nd : Sunday – Holiday – Can I count the walk in the shopping mall or grocery store? 

    May 3rd: Elliptical – Moderate to Vigorous intensity – 30 minutes – 340 calories
    Strength Training: 15 minutes
    Not effective Meditation session

    May 4th:

    Morning: Cup of warm milk with tea spoon Horlics – Moong sprouts Dosa (recipe source: Mahanandi) with home-made allam chutney (recipe source: Sailusfood)

    Noon: A bowl of baby Spinach + Lettuce + Carrot salad with a tea spoon of Balsamic Vinaigrette + 8 walnuts
    A cup of pineapple cubes

    Mid-afternoon snack: One Clementine

    Exercise: Elliptical – Moderate to Vigorous intensity – 30 minutes – 340 calories
    Strength Training: 15 minutes
    Not effective Meditation session

    5 Glasses of water so far.

  9. SS says:

    Thanks for the advice Indira. I use the breathing in running! Good technique for meditation too I guess. Thanks!

  10. Pdk says:

    You may like to try meditation on the heart, under the system Sahajmarg. Meditation on the heart technically cleanses the whole system. http://www.sahajmarg.org/meditate

  11. Kamala says:

    May 4th:

    Dinner: 2 Avacado Roti (Recipe Source: Mahanandi)+ 1/2 cup of palak Masoor dal + two chamadumpa chips (Recipe source: Mahanandi – I used PAM spray instead of oil).

    8 Glasses of water throughout the day.

  12. Sara says:

    Thanks for posting this. Helps us to get idea of different healthy options to eat instead of our usual rice and roti all the time. All the best!

  13. krithika says:

    Meditation is what I am not able to do given my hectic schedule. Everything else seems to work for me.

  14. Indira says:

    Krithika and Kamala: Thanks for doing this with me. Both of your diets are much better than mine. I need to improve on the greens and fruit intake more.
    I agree about the meditation part totally. I didn’t realize how difficult it is to actually put some time on the side and then still the mind for meditation. Whenever I close my eyes for meditation, my thoughts go about gardening, what to plant where, this needs more water, that needs cutting etc.,:)

    PDK: Thanks for the link. They have few centers in Houston area. I’ll try to attend a session on the weekend.

  15. Kamala says:

    May 5:

    Morning: One Moong sprout dosa with two tea spoons of allam chutney + One cup of milk with tea spoon honey (Did not like this taste. So I added a tea spoon horlics 🙂

    Noon: One whole wheat & honey bread slice with half cup palak massor dal and two chamadumpa chips + cup of pineapple cubes

    Evening: 8 pistachios + one Clementine

    Night: 2 avacado Roti + one cup of palak masoor dal + a glass of buttermilk

    Exercise: I am having a severe Rt. shoulder and neck pain today. So could not move much. Feeling little better now with painkillers and hoping that it will go away by morning. Will do the comp tomorrow.

  16. Diane says:

    I agree that the meditating is very hard. I have a real monkey mind. Sigh…I guess that’s partly why I keep trying to do it.

    BTW – I made your “spinach and sprouts” recipe yesterday, and it was just lovely. I often make the same recipe, but without sprouts, and the addition of the sprouts was a nice twist.

  17. aarthi says:

    Hi Indira,

    really inspiring routine. I am not doing any vratam but you sure have inspired me the limit my intake “not so good” category of food. thanks!

  18. Kamala says:

    May 6:

    Morning: One cup mong sprouts + one cup pineapple cubes
    One cup milk with tea spoon horlics

    Noon: One cup steamed Broccoli with black pepper + One bowl of lettuce+carrot salad with TBSP BV + 6 Walnuts

    Mid-afternoon snack: One medium size apple

    Night: 2 roti + green beans curry (sauted beans with two TBSPs of fresh coconut)
    One glass buttermilk


    2 miles jog + run
    Elliptical – 30 min – Moderate to vigorous intensity – 380 cals
    15 min stregth training + 15 min meditation (felt good for the first time in this week!)

  19. Kamala says:

    May 7:

    Morning: One and half cup moong sprouts + One cup pineapple cubes
    One cup milk with tea spoon horlics

    Elliptical – (took a few min break in the middle) – moderate to very vigorous intensity – 536 cals
    15 min strength training + 15 min meditation

    Indira garu,

    I will be at brother’s place this weekend and will come back home with my Peddamma and Pedananna (YAY!). They will be staying with us for the next week. I will try my best to eat right and exercise during this weekend and will update my logs when I get a chance. I am sure its going to be a challenge to not eat the big lunches and dinners that Peddamma is planning to cook 🙂

    You are doing a great job with the Vratam, especially the exercising part. I got really competitive this morning 🙂 Thank you for the motivation!

    You have a great weekend.

    Thanks Kamala for your wonderful company for the past week!
    Wishing you fun-food filled weekend and the week ahead. Have a great time with Peddamma and Pedananna!

  20. krithika says:

    I apologize for not posting regularly. Have been extremely busy at work

    Thursday May 7
    Green tea with no sweetner
    Big Bowl of fruits for breakfast
    Lunch : Big bowl of Red Chori dal with salad
    Snack : Cucumber,Carrots and almonds
    Dinner : Thyme roasted veges (yellow squash, zuchini,broccoli, corn and carrots) with Yogurt

    Exercise : 30 min walk on the treadmill
    30 mins of pilates

  21. Narayan says:

    I wish I could follow such a healthy diet. Though I must admit that I dont eat unhealthy either. But I really miss my gym workout routine. Have been very inconsistent these days. Perhaps explains why I see it everywhere, even in a Local train ride in Mumbai


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