Garden Log ~ May, 2010

Red Radish Flower Bouquet
Red Radish Flower Bouquet

Radish plants are in vigorous bloom. I harvested few radish branches that are full of flowers and placed them in cold water filled flower vase. Radish flowers are tiny but very pretty in light pink shade with sweet scent.

Purple Brinjal Plants
Purple Brinjal Plants

Tomato Plants
Tomato Plants, almost 4 foot in height and with Plenty of Green Tomatoes

Mirchi Plants
Mirchi Plants

Cucumber, Zucchini, Beans
Cucumber, Zucchini, Beans

Vegetable Harvest from My Garden
Vegetable Harvest for this Week

It’s always a pleasurable surprise when vegetables start arriving in quantity – One minute I have single cucumber and four pea pods, next week a surplus. This is what I harvested yesterday. 7 Cucumbers, 4 Yellow Zucchinis, 1 Brinjal, 1 Green Bell Pepper, a bunch of green chillies, green beans and green peas. First major harvest of this season and what a joy!


27 Responses to “Garden Log ~ May, 2010”

  1. deepti says:

    Simply Gr8 work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. shilpa says:

    Wow!!! There is one strawberry too…

  3. Wow! Those veggies look so nice. I’m waiting for the yummy recipes you’re going to be posting, especially for those yellow Zucchinis.

  4. Madhu says:

    What a fantastic array of vegetables!

  5. nikita says:

    just wanted to let u know that when i go to the previous post workout vratham week 2, the page redirects itself and starts checking the computer for viruses. just wanted to let u know incase there is some problem with the site.

  6. aarthi says:

    such beautiful pictures πŸ™‚

  7. Swarna says:

    Hi ~ your vegetable garden is very beautiful. Did you make those raised beds by yourself or hired a professional? And if you don’t mind, can you let us know that where did you get those wooden logs/sticks. I wanted to start, so wanted to know.


  8. Usha says:

    Just like Nikita, I have encountered the same virus problem for the last few days.

    What a harvest !!! Must be such a pleasure to cook with these fresh vegs. straight from the garden.
    Had a question. How do make sure that the vegs. are not effected when you fertilise/treat the lawn (or do you do organically ? ). Would love to learn how you do it. Thanks.

  9. Indira such a beautiful garden you have. Look at the veggies, so fresh and soooo healthy. I am ‘J’ on you :). Expecting wonderful recipes and the radish flower bouquet is very beautiful. You have a very artistic eyes :).

  10. Vijay says:

    Nikita and Usha,
    Thank you for bringing the website issue to our notice. There was a malware attack on the website recently, but it did not affect any of the users’ computers directly. We have applied security updates and removed any malware present. Please let me know if you still find any issues.

  11. ranjan says:

    Wow Indira cooking with those fresh vegetables must be such a pleasure, instead of the usual supermarket veg with lots of airmiles!

  12. satya says:

    very inspiring site Indira… whatever you do or publish it really adds value.. pleasure checking ur site everyday…keep it up…

  13. Kavitha says:

    really nice to see the plants. I don’t know when my plants will reach that state looking present weather conditions in NY. I day its sunny, next day its back in 50’s.

  14. kavitha says:

    Hi Vijay,
    still have the virus.

  15. Priyanka says:

    Hi Indira,
    I love your postings. I have been following them from almost a year. Primarily, I admire your creativity in cooking.
    I am planning to have raised beds in my backyard, but have few concerns. Since you currently have raised beds in your yard, thought you would be the best person to answer my questions. Please share your knowledge and experience.
    For the raised beds,
    1. How many inches of top soil did you use for raised bed i.e. what is the height of the raised bed?
    2. Did you put a weed barrier before you laid the soil for raised bed on the ground?
    3. Do you have to deal with moles in your yard? If so, how are you doing it?
    4. For climbers like eggplant, beans, etc, 6 inches raised bed is good enough or do we need to have it much deeper for a better root system?
    Please let me know at your earliest convenience and thanks in advance.

  16. Kay says:

    Its just such a pleasure to see your harvest. You must be really proud of it.

  17. sri says:

    Hi! Indira,
    Great garden! to grow and eat the vegetables from garden is a pleasure. I am planning to start my own vegetable garden soon. I want to know if you planted the seeds directly in the raised bed? Did you add any soil from store to your raised bed? DO you fertilize your vegetable plants?
    You have an awesome blog

  18. Indira says:

    Thanks all for your fresh harvest like comments.

    Hi Swarna, Priyanka and Sri: Congratulations on thinking about starting your own garden beds. I wrote about some details in previous posts. Please go through Garden Log archives for the information. Good luck!
    Sri, before planting in early spring, I bought few bags of compost, cow manure and top soil, mixed a small packet of bone meal and combined them all and added to garden beds. For some vegetables, I soaked the seeds in water for a day and then planted them directly into soil. And, for some, I bought seedlings from garden centers.

  19. mona says:


    Lovely seeing the basket of fresh home grown vegetables. Usually I visit but don’t comment.
    Seeing nature’s bounty makes it hard to resist from commenting. Enjoy your harvest!!

  20. Priya says:

    WOW…..amazing even if its a single pea pod, we tend to appreciate it more when we grow it….good luck with all ur gardening projects…..

  21. Uma says:

    All those fresh vegetables will give you ideas to try out new and combined items, enjoy.

    And about the virus, still happening.

  22. sreelu says:

    enjoy your bounty noting beats home harvested produce. Have a fun filled summer.

  23. Kay says:

    wow!! I love your garden, Indira!!

  24. Dear Indira,
    I am in love with your food blog. Inspired by your gardening, I have planted brinjal, capsicum, green chilies and tomato plants. Growing your own veggies is adding more excitement to my food blogging.


  25. Maya says:

    Congratulations on the bountiful harvest! This is inspiring me start gardening in our backyard.

  26. krithika says:

    Indira, very very impressive ! All your hardwork is paying off πŸ™‚ I have a question to ask. What do you do for bugs ? Most of my plants get eaten by bugs :slugs, rollie-pollies. Any natural way to keep them away ?

    So far this year, no problem in my garden, Kirthika (knock on the wood):). I heard egg shells and salt deter sulgs and rolli-pollies. Here are some useful tips from wiki-how.

  27. krithika says:

    Thank you so much !!

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