Summer Blooms ~ Scarlet Rose Mallow

Scarlet Rose Mallow Flower in Closeup
Scarlet Rose Mallow Flower

Texas Star Hibiscus (Hibiscus Coccineus), also known as Scarlet Rose Mallow or Swamp Hibiscus, is a one of a kind, native perennial plant. Hardy in warm areas, this hibiscus is known for its maple like 5-lobed leaves and star like 5-petal blooms. The big, bright red blossoms last a day, with new flowers quickly taking their place. This hardy perennial is a butterfly and hummingbird magnet.

I have this plant in my garden since last year and I am very pleased with its low maintenance and high blooms appearance. After seeing the flowers this year, many of my friends wanted to have this plant in their garden. I shared the seeds with them. I have some more seeds for sale for those of you interested in native plant gardening.

Seeds sprout easily in soil or in containers with enough sunlight and water exposure.
Once established, the plant does not need much care or water.
Dies down in winter and comes back again in late spring from seeds.
Profuse, pretty blooms from July to October.

Scarlet Rose Mallow (Hibiscus Coccineus): 20 seeds for $4

Scarlet Rose Mallow Seeds
Scarlet Rose Mallow Seeds


12 Responses to “Summer Blooms ~ Scarlet Rose Mallow”

  1. Bhuvana says:

    So glad to see you back Indira. Hope you had a fun filled summer break.
    The flower looks lovely.

  2. Madhavi says:

    Hi Indira,
    Thanks for showing this plant and flower on your website. It would be a great addition to my tiny patio garden. I have just sent my payment and look forward to receiving the seeds. I will try growing the plant this summer.

  3. sanjeeta kk says:

    Lovely color. Looks similar to China Rose or Indian Hibiscus. Very attractive and vibrant flower.
    Nice click.

  4. Malathi says:

    Your blog is such a joy Indira! I love your little garden. Any suggestions for how to grow fruit/vegetable plants in containers? I am currently into hers..just planted mint, coriander and fenugreek in containers. Been planning to try Fennel. Any tips? Thanks!

  5. Indira says:

    Thanks, Bhuvana, Sanjeeta and Harichandana.

    Madhavi: Thanks for the purchase. The seeds are on their way. Wishing you a rose mallow summer.:)

    Malathi: Thanks. I used to do container gardening before this backyard trail. Herbs really do well in containers. Water regularly, keep where sun shines and avoid over feeding/fertilizing. They will do great. Good luck with your container gardening.

  6. Kay says:

    Beautiful, Indira!!!

  7. madhuri says:

    Wonderful Indira.Im doing container garden.I plant hibiscus, Mint, curry leaves… some perenials, annuals… and water them…daily…feed fertilizers/ plant food.They are doing gr8!!! U have a wonderful garden Indira.Love ur website always!!! Keep up the good work!

  8. essarem says:

    Hello Indira. Do you know up to what US plant hardiness zone this will survive? Thanks.

  9. Patti K says:

    Dear Indira,
    I see that the posts listed are from August 2010. I am interested in buying some seeds. Are they still available to purchase?
    Thank you,
    Patti from Michigan

    Dear Patti,
    Thanks for your interest in this beautiful flower.
    I saved some seeds from 2011 growing season and will mail you in February as I would be out of town until then. Please remind me through comment or mail.

  10. Patti K says:

    Hi Indira,
    It’s February so I’m just sending the reminder you asked for…I continue to be very interested in the 2011 seeds. Please email me details, and I will place an order. Thank you, and I hope you enjoyed your trip!
    Patti from Michigan

  11. Chad says:

    I do not believe that the “Mallow” shown on this page is the same as the “Texas Star”. The mallow with seed pod is a low plant with rounded petals. The Texas star is at least 5 feet tall with pointed petals. Had both in the yard this year. Not the same.

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