Beach Snack ~ Boiled Peanuts

Bottlenose Dolphins in Galveston Bay
Bottlenose Dolphins in the Galveston Bay

Last weekend, we went to Galveston, a small island in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s about an hour drive from my home. We spent time watching bottlenose dolphins and on the sea on a free ferry ride. The weather was balmy and the beaches were crowded. Still it was fun, thanks to brief rain and cooling breeze. I packed some boiled peanuts to snack. Shell and eat, within minutes they were gone. Salty and succulent, they were the perfect snack for a beach day. Being from the India, I think we are destined to crave boiled peanuts.:) They are very addictive.

Boiled Peanuts
Boiled Peanuts ~ for a Beach Day

For those of you, who would like to engage your tastebuds in a salty succulence with delicious boiled peanuts, here is the recipe.

    2 pounds, raw, fresh peanuts
    2 tablespoons, sea salt
    Big pot or pressure cooker and a colander

Wash peanuts in plenty of water. Take them in a pressure cooker. Add salt and enough water to cover them.
Close the lid and on medium-low heat, pressure-cook the peanuts to tender. Slow cooking produces excellent results with soft and salty peanuts.
Pour the cooked peanuts in a colander and drain the water. Cool for few minutes.
Break open and enjoy the tasty boiled peanuts. Yum!


17 Responses to “Beach Snack ~ Boiled Peanuts”

  1. RV says:

    I completely agree, these peanuts are addictive. Love the gorgeous blue sea and it is nice to see the fins of dolphins

  2. sanjeeta kk says:

    Love to savor these snacks any time any where. Lovely photos.

  3. GB says:

    I made these a month back…only, the peanuts weren’t formed yet ( i think I got an early crop.) But seeing these is tempting me again. Hope the Indian store will have some for sale… 🙂
    I love boiled peanuts!

  4. sudha says:

    Hello..i love your site..keep up the good work…i love these peanuts, but where do you buy them from ….indian store or fiesta..pls let me know…

  5. Padmaja says:


    I think you would enjoy Cajun boiled peanuts. We came across these many years ago while driving in rural Louisiana. We make them at home adding our own spice mix, but you can find many recipes on the web.

  6. Bhuvana says:

    As a child I remember craving for it everytime my avva made it.

  7. Sailaja says:

    Hey Indira,

    Where is this ride at Galveston?
    We went there last sunday..
    Tanay would love it!

  8. yes, boiled or roasted, these are real fun snack..

  9. madhuri says:

    I’m a silent follower of your blog. I wanted to let you know that one of India news channel NDTV has publish your photo of homemade yogurt. Check out the link

    If you aware about it then I would congralute you 🙂

  10. Narayan says:

    Oh boiled peanuts. This is such a lovely snack. In fact in some old clubs in India, they serve a slightly spicier version of these boiled nuts alongwith drinks (complimentary) – they embellish it with chopped red onions, chopped corriander leaves and chopped green chillies. One can easily wolf down bowlfuls when you have good company.

  11. Dhivya says:

    These are my all time favourite snack and kindles my nostalgic memories.. my grandmother used to bring lots of raw peanuts from the village as they used to cultivate them every alternate year…. so much that we used to share it with our neighbours…. my mom used to boil so much peanuts that it never gets over in couple of days… the boiled peanuts used to be lying down in the floor for few days (well aerated place), they used to dry off by the time we could finish them and they will become chewy and little hard and more saltier as they dry… and this way it is best to eat, than the fresh boiled ones…otherwise we can sun dry the boiled peanuts too… they are really one yeh-dil-maange-more snack!!!
    thanks to Indira for posting this recipe which kindles the memories of nice old days.

  12. Lakshmi says:

    aah..simple boiled peanuts..what a bliss!
    How many whistles would you give in the pressure cooker for boiled peanuts?

  13. Vandya says:

    I miss beaches. back home, me and hubby used to visit beach every weekend. Loved your post.

  14. Indira says:

    Lovely to read your experiences and recipe suggestions of these delicious peanuts. Thanks all for your comments.

    Hi Sudha: I bought them from Meenakshi temple, Pearland. The temple library sells peanuts and other vegetables on weekend days.

    Sailaja: Tanay will definitely love the experience.:)
    The dolphin watch is on pier 21 on Harborside drive. I added website links to the my post, check them out for detailed information.

    Madhuri: Thanks for posting the link.
    Unfortunately, NDTV didn’t request the photo and stole it from my website violating copyrights and common decency.

    Dhivya: I can relate to your experience. My grandparents at Nandikotkur village used to do that when we were little, from homegrown peanut crop during harvest time. Good days.:)

    Lakshmi: I kept them for three whistles on medium heat.

  15. Made me Nostalgic!!!!yummy peanuts!!!!

  16. Kay says:

    Somehow I’m not a fan of roasted peanuts, but boiled peanuts? any day, Indira!!! 🙂

  17. Kay says:

    Your post reminds me to get some peanuts and boil them and introduce the joy of boiled peanuts to little M as well. 🙂

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