Summer Garden Harvest ~ Beerakaaya(Turai)

This is a video of the beerakaaya plant from my garden. Filled with pretty, yellow flowers and long, ribbed vegetables, beautiful beerakaaya vine is a sight to behold during peak summer time.

Beerakaaya (Turai) Harvest
Beerakaaya Harvest for this Week


25 Responses to “Summer Garden Harvest ~ Beerakaaya(Turai)”

  1. Uma says:

    Beerakaya is my favourite vegetable. Your harvest looks wonderful. Enjoy.

  2. Sowmya says:

    Your garden looks like a mini forest! 🙂 And thats supposed to be a compliment, by the way 🙂

  3. sudha says:

    Beerakaya is one of my favorite…looks really good…your friends are really lucky to have such a friend who has such good green thumb…enjoy

  4. Kalyani P says:

    Looks really good … its my fav. vegetable ……. thanks for sharing ………

  5. Ashwini says:

    I keep visitng your website very often. Have tried quite a lot of recipes. Amazing ones. Love your simplicity. I think you should start posting tutorials on gardening. I too aminteresting in growing plants but i really donno where and how to start. plz do post some tutorials for beginners. you would do great contribution in helping ppl to start greenery around:)

  6. so many things grow in your garden! amazed…

  7. Nishi says:

    Hey Indira,

    Just loved the Ridge Gourd. You are one lucky lady to get such a harvest!!!

  8. Jaya says:

    That looks so healthy and ready to be eaten..Good to see your summer harvest.

  9. Sanjeeta kk says:

    The ridge guard looks tender and succulent.

  10. Beautiful harvest of turai! How long does it take from planting to harvest? Here, in Minnesota, my ridgegourd plant is still growing with only male flowers!

  11. mona says:

    Dear Indra,

    Love the beerakai.

    One queston though, when we buy it at the store sometimes there are one or two that are bitter. Have you faced this problem?

    Please post more pictures of your vegetable garden, I really enjoy growing things. Since we have an issue with deer, our garden is restricted to only flower and fruit. The animals and us share the harvest:)


  12. Chhaya says:

    Hi Indira, amazing harvest of ridge gourds ! I had a question…what kind of a support do you provide for your vines ? Do you have a kind of a trellis ? Would love to know …

  13. kalva says:

    What a lovely lot of turai…

  14. Kay says:

    It is indeep a lovely sight to watch. You must have a big back yard 🙂

  15. Viswa says:

    Lovely, time for some peerkangakai thogayal! Can you ship them out 😀

  16. Usha says:

    Was waiting for the next garden update. Lovely. Fills me with joy to see plants with flowers and veggies.

  17. Indira says:

    Thanks beautiful people for your lovely garden notes.

    Random Gardener: Loved looking at your garden harvest photos.
    About turai, I planted the seeds in April, so about four months. For our vine plants, it’s best to plant atleast a couple of plants for both male and female flower production and successful fruiting.

    Dear Mona: no, so far.
    I will. Thanks.

    Chaaya: I have written about a post about homemade vine support last year. You can find it in Garden Log archives.

  18. Gayatri says:

    Good harvest! Kanula vindu ga vundi.

  19. hema says:

    Indira garu,

    Nice harvest andi. I wish I could be your neighbour 🙂

    Waiting for more of this turai recipes..
    Mari beerakayalu tvaraga spoil avutayi kada.. How are you taking care of this ?

  20. Anu says:

    Wow! Ridge gourd looks so good. I love this vegetable. Looking at your garden pics, brings back fond memories of our kitchen garden back home. We used to grow lot of veggies and this one of them! Thanks for sharing.

  21. madhuri says:

    Hi Indira,
    How are u? Love the harvest… hmn beerakaya is my fav veg.I buy it ateast 1 a week…. we make pachadi, beerakaya kothimeeri karam.. beerullikaram…berakaya menthi kora.. beerakaya with podi….

    beerakaya pappu too….

    everytime I keep writing comments.But u dont seem to reply my comment 🙁 i keep checking..quite often….:)

  22. Shobana says:

    Hi Indira

    Wow, I like your garden… I love love gardens… can you pl. share your tips on how to make ‘pandiri’ in this country. I love beerakaya. How do you take care of gardens (organic pesticides / fertilizers? Would be great if you could share the tips

    Also, if you have any tips in making kids eat, pl. share those tips/recipes too.


  23. Brinda says:

    Hi Indira,

    Beerakaaya is afavorite in our home too….tried planting from seed of vegetable from indian store last year with no luck, is there a specific website where you buy seeds for indian plants?
    Any preparation tips before planting seeds?

    Many thanks

  24. sree says:

    Hello Indira,

    I have been visiting ur blog since a very long time for some recipes. I have a question regarding the beerakaaya plant. What kind of soil have you used for beerakaaya. Coz my beerakaaya is little on yellowish shade and flowering already when all it has is about 15 leaves on it. Please advice.

    Thank you.

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