Indian Party Menus ~ Telugu Thanksgiving Party

Some delicious options for different occasions, that’s Indian Party Menus.
Hope you would find this new series useful when planning your party food menu.

Thanksgiving Party at a friend’s home.

Theme: Telugu Thanksgiving in Kaarthika Vana bhojanam style
Guest number: 11
Time: for Lunch
Venue: Home
Preparation: Homemade

Party Food Menu:
Brinjal bajji and onion pakodi
White rice
Chicken Kurma (Kodi Kura)
Spinach Dal
Alu vepudu
Bottle gourd pulusu
Drumstick sambar
Kandi Pacchadi
Onion Pacchadi
Carrot and karela perugu pacchadi
Homemade dahi
Pomegranate(danimma) daddojanam
Papads and dahi mirchi (Majjiga Mirapa)

Paalathalikalu with ghee and mudda pappu
Mango kulfi

Served on:
Paper plates covered with fresh banana leaves

Party Favors:
Party food takeout in ziplock bags


14 Responses to “Indian Party Menus ~ Telugu Thanksgiving Party”

  1. Lavy says:

    wow where did you get fresh banana leaves? amazing

  2. harini-jaya says:

    mouth watering dishes! Not sure I understand Pala thalikalu..I am sure it must taste good..

  3. Anu says:

    Wonderful, Indira! May I add, koshimbiri. I’ve found most of my guests are relieved to have a non-fried option for the appetizer course.

  4. nishi says:

    What mouth watering menu indira… WOW!!!

  5. Narayan says:

    Wow Indira, that is quite a spread. And like Lavy, I too would like to know where you got the banana leaves from?

    And party favors is not quite common in India, is this a US thing?

  6. Gayathri says:

    Very interesting menu. Thanks for sharing

  7. notyet100 says:

    yummy,..everything sounds so yum,..;-)

  8. Sireesha says:

    Hello Indira…Nice menu..I would like to know where did you get fresh banana leaves from as well…
    Also I had another question was it Carrot and Karela perugu pachadi OR Carrot and Keera perugu pachadi?

  9. Kamala says:

    Hi Indira garu,

    I really like the idea behind this post. Surely going to be helpful for someone like me who has hard time planning the menu for big gatherings. Thank you!!

    Looks like you had a great Telugu Thanksgiving party 🙂

  10. Sanjeeta kk says:

    Have noted down the delicious list for my next party 🙂

  11. Indira says:

    Happy Thanksgiving, dear friends.

    Banana leaves are readily available at Asian and Mexican grocery shops in Houston.

    Harini-Jaya: I added a link to Paala thalikalu. It’s an old world dessert, easy to make and tastes very good.

    Anu: I agree about Kosambari. It’s good to have some, good raw stuff on the side or atleast some fruits.

    Narayan: Party favors, the title is a US thing.
    In India too, we sendoff guests with some sweets, goodies or with some special things like sarees or silver jewelry depending on the occasion, I remember.

    Sireesha: Karela is thinly cut, lightly sauteed, seasoned and then added to dahi. It’s a new recipe for me too. Carrot and karela combination tasted good in perugu pacchadi.

    Dear Kamala, Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. Smitha says:

    Beautiful arrangement!!!

  13. Sumathy says:

    Looking forward for next party menus X mas , new year, Sankranti…and so on.
    Please invite me for these wonderful feasts…

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