December Tomato Harvest

December Tomato Harvest
December Tomato Harvest

Cold front, freezing temperatures and northern winds … winter is here in Houston. Due to frost warning, I had to harvest tomatoes from my September-planted tomato plants. From 8 tomato plants, the yield was about 8 pounds of cherry tomatoes and few Brandywines. They need some time to ripen, and what I have now would be enough to prepare some comforting soopas and sambars for this coming winter.


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  1. Claire says:

    Beautiful! Did you grow your tomatoes from seed and when did you plant them? (I’m in Houston, too, and a newish vegetable gardener, so I need the hints!)

    Hi Claire, I planted tomato seedlings during first week of September, after clearing the spring tomato crop.
    It’s good to know fellow Bayou food blogger. Good luck with your vegetable garden.

  2. rashmi says:

    nice harvest…..of tomatoes….
    howz….is ur kittaya….

    Thanks Rashmi.
    Kittaya is his content self, doing great.:)

  3. Kalyani says:

    nice harvest …… looks beautiful …..

  4. harini-jaya says:

    how I miss growing veggies in my garden .. it is snowing here so I need to wait atleast 4-5 months before I can think of gardening

  5. Wow.. Veey nice.. Wonderful job !!

  6. Sanjeeta kk says:

    Best luck for delicious soups and sambhars, Indira. Wish some of the cute little tomatoes rolled down from there 🙂

  7. Looks really nice. Hope to see some recipes with green tomatoes too.

  8. Aruna says:

    Those Cherry tomatos look so colorful and delicious and Yummy too. Awesome harvest though….

  9. So lucky to be still harvesting. I picked mine a month ago in the NE. I cut the tiny green ones into halves. Did a mustard thadka with peringayam[hing] and added green chillies, kari patha leaves and salt and pickled the tomatoes raw. chopped onions are optional. Pickle it outside for 24 hours and then store in fridge. Stays foe 3-4 days. My mother used to make it this way.

  10. Mona says:

    The harvest looks very good. What else do you plan on making with these?

  11. Pritya says:

    Congratulations on your harvest Indira. Nothing like making soups from self-harvested tomatoes. Enjoy!

  12. Gayathri says:

    Very good harvest. I really appreciate your patience and energy levels.

  13. vineela says:

    Wow lovely tiny fresh tomatoes.Akshay likes very much.
    Great Work,Indira garu

  14. Narayan says:

    yummy.. I heard that some of the raw tomatoes also find their ways into jams and jellies – the tartness and body then gets camouflaged with essence and colour of the fruit you want it to disguise into. Say, give it yellow and mango flavour to get mango jam..

    Have fun

  15. Vandya says:

    This looks likes a good harvest. Hard work definitely pays off.

  16. Anu says:


    I’m from Houston too and a longtime reader of your blog.
    I’m a newbie gardener and had a dismal experience this year with my first attempt. Can you post some gardening tips from time to time? Posts when you start a new planting season will be helpful too.
    Also, you might be interested in this, I get a weekly CSA share from a farm close to Houston. Email me if you need more info. The price is pretty reasonable and I’ve been very happy so far this season. Look forward to some gardening posts..please, please!!

    Hi Anu,
    It’s so good to know a fellow Houstinite.
    I will definitely write more about gardening from next spring onwards when the planting season begins. Right now, I have brussel sprouts, pudina, rosemary, sage and methi growing. Remaining vegetable plants are all gone due to frost.
    Thanks for writing about CSA. I’ve been looking for one and would like to get more information.

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