Garden Harvest for April, 2011

Garden Harvest
Garden Harvest from My Vegetable Garden
Cucumbers, Yellow Zucchini, Brinjals, Green Beans, Banana Peppers,
Tabasco and Guntur Mirchi, Peas and Okra ~ Perfumed by Gardenia Flower


20 Responses to “Garden Harvest for April, 2011”

  1. harini-jaya says:

    What a p(l)easant looking basket it is!! It is still not planting season for us here ! eagerly waiting for the season to start.

  2. Theldry says:

    A bumper crop. Great going, Indira.

  3. mustardseed says:

    That looks so beautiful! True labor of love.

  4. Kalyani says:

    looks so beautiful ……..

  5. Vidhya says:

    It is very inspiring to see the photo. I live in zone 8B and I don’t have even flowers in brinjal plant. What zone do you live in?

    Also I have a question about your buckwheat pasta. When I cook it, it comes out mushy. Yours looked very nice. Exactly how did you cook? May be I am not following the package directions properly. Could you please write an email about that?

    Thank You.

  6. Wow, you already have such a wonderful bounty of harvest! We’re still awaiting sunshine for planting (:

  7. trupti says:

    Beautiful….May You be blessed with more! Nothing better than growing your own food. 🙂 I’ve missed you, Indira. Lets catch up soon.

  8. Giri says:

    My plants are still lil babies, and the heat is just about getting started
    Can’t wait for summer

  9. kalva says:

    wooow.. what a bounty!! love those fresh veggies!

  10. Anu says:

    Indira, Have been looking forward to this post!! The produce looks so fresh, and the flowers in the background look incredible!

  11. sreelu says:

    Just got started with my planting, planted some good heirloom melons and tomatoes, looking forward to bounty this summer. Loving your yard. Have any ideas on how to make Oranges sweet, tree I have produces very tart ones.

  12. Ashwini says:

    Now thats a harvest!!!
    Gr8 going.

  13. Wonderful job !!

  14. Mahes says:

    Very nice!

  15. Leena Goutam says:

    Awesome !!!

  16. Aarti says:

    Wow Indira,

    your ‘Ruchi’ has spilled over to the garden! Beautiful Summer Bounty:)

  17. Indira says:

    Thank you beautiful people for your lovely comments!

    Vidhya: Cook the buckwheat pasta al dente, and not too soft.

    I missed you too, dear Trupti. So glad to see your comment. It’s been a while, isn’ it? Hope you are doing great and Canada spring is keeping you busy.

    Kiss the blooms and put the orange under your spell, sweet Sree. I am sure the orange won’t be able to resist your charms and will produce sweetest oranges.:)

  18. Aari says:

    Vow! Lovely Indira! Could we stop by for a hearty meal?

  19. Aruna says:

    Hello Indira,

    Very nice harvest! In all your pictures, I noticed that the plants look so healthy and pest free.

    I live in Dallas and have problems with snails, slugs and caterpillar like worms eating away my baby okra and leafy vegetable, marigold plants and spider mites on roses.

    How do you fight these with your plants or you don’t have that problem at all?

    Any pointers are appreciaated.

    Thank you,

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