Goddesses of the Garden ~ Sunflowers

Sunflowers in Bloom from My Garden
Sunflowers from Our Garden Space ~ Flowers for Meditation

Flowers are the goddesses of the garden, I believe. Like thousands of deities, there are thousands of flowers in nature. Nodding gently in the wind with delicate fragrance and with serene beauty, flowers are as enchanting and spiritual as the deities they adorn. It’s well-known that flowers posses healing properties, the essential oils from flower fragrance can influence the mind and the body. Stop for a moment and observe a flower, the colors and the scents, it’s easy to reach relaxation and clarity. The colors, the aroma and the beauty would appeal to different senses of the brain to create a calming and happy feeling to the mind and body – an effect one would generally get from meditation.

In June, I will be publishing flowers from my small space that create the serene environment for me. To be in that moment of flowering beauty is pure bliss. I hope you too share that feeling and joy.


7 Responses to “Goddesses of the Garden ~ Sunflowers”

  1. Soooo beautiful.. meeru really gr8 🙂

  2. sreelu says:

    Lovely Indira !!

  3. Nishi says:

    Beautiful!!! The sunflower looks divine 🙂

  4. Madhu says:

    These have made my day and am looking forward to more pictures of your garden flowers!

  5. Sushma says:

    Indira Garu,

    The photos that are you publishing are bringing back so many memories.

    When I was in 3rd or 4th class, we had planted all rose plants in the front part of our home. They were all blooming and our garden was called a mini rose garden. There was one plant that grew in between these and didn’t know what plant it was and let it grow. It grew into a sunflower plant and only 1 big sunflower bloomed on it. What a magnificient flower it is and am always amazed at God’s creation. Even after 25 years and leaving the place some 17 years back can still get back the fresh image of the sunflower plant in our garden.

    Looks like I have to work for buying an independent house just to have a garden, work in garden and see all flowers bloom and plants grow…Sorry to occupy your space..

  6. mustardseed says:

    These are gorgeous! I have been trying to plant sunflowers with no success. The chipmunks and squirrels just dig up the seeds and eat them!

  7. Siri says:

    How are you Indira? I was thinking about you today. Perfect, blissful post and we are with you. Do share the gorgeous goddesses you have. 🙂


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