Goddess of the Garden ~ Nityamalli

Nitya Malli (Vinka/Periwinkle))
Nityamalli (Vinka) after a morning shower

A shower in the morning, the emerging light on the east and refraction through droplets on the petals – The goddess Nityamalli had never looked prettier!


11 Responses to “Goddess of the Garden ~ Nityamalli”

  1. Gorgeous picture !!

  2. What a Lovely Picture:) Dew drops look lovely:)

  3. harini-jaya says:

    I agree that the light refracted through the droplets is awesome!

  4. mustardseed says:

    What a refreshing photograph. Nature’s delicate beauty captured!

  5. Narayan says:

    It has been magnified. I presume this is the periwinkle. How are you Indira. Long time no hear (or read?)

  6. Usha says:

    That’s a stunning picture. Sooooo refreshing.

  7. Adimurthy Singari says:

    Very nice picture, timely taken shot……….

  8. Viswa says:

    Wow Gorgeous!!!

  9. Versa Kay says:

    Great picture, especially with the dew bathing the cute flower. It is also called Billa Ganneru in Telugu.

  10. premlatha says:

    if i am right this is not nityamalli…but this is nityakalyani or vince or periwinkle …

    nityamalli is a tyoe of scented jasmine

  11. Krishna says:

    This is not Nityamali, it is Billa ganneru 🙂

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