Oil-Free Salad with Green Almonds

Green almonds, Green Mango and Black Pepper
Finely Chopped Green Almonds, Green Mango, and Black Peppercorn

Today’s recipe is inspired by yesterday’s thought (post) . Green almonds and Green mango sounded like a natural pair. Before the idea expired, I had to try the combination. Green almonds and green mango were cut to small pieces. Black pepper and salt were added. When I had a taste, the flavor combination tasted awesome. Unripe almonds and unripe mango complemented each other without overwhelming and overpowering each other’s sweet and sour qualities. Parents also liked this simple, oil-free salad and praised the good ruchi.

Oil-Free Salad with Green Almonds and Green Mango
(makes about 4 half cup servings)

12 green almonds
1 small green mango
6 peppercorn
1/4 teaspoon salt

Wash the green almonds. Trim the edges and finely cut them to tiny pieces.

Peel the green mango skin. Cut and remove the seed. Finely chop the mango to tiny pieces.

Take peppercorn and salt in a mortar. Pound to coarse powder.

Put the chopped almonds and mango in a bowl. Sprinkle the pepper-salt powder. Combine and serve.

© Recipe and Photos Copyright 2009 Indira Singari.

Green Almond Salad
Oil Free Salad with Green Almonds and Green Mango ~ Meal Today


19 Responses to “Oil-Free Salad with Green Almonds”

  1. Preethi says:

    Simple easy tasty n nice!!!

  2. Madhu says:

    Hi Indira,

    You are simply awesome..


  3. mandira says:

    this looks fantastic Indira. I’ve never had raw almonds. What does it taste like?

  4. Sowmya says:

    That looks quite simple and inviting…

  5. Nirmala says:

    Looks like a humble pickle which would go well with curd rice. How about havin a raita with this salad mixed in curds ? Would go well with spiced phulkas…Oh Indira you are opening windows to a whole new range of recipes with these lovely green almonds!

  6. Nags says:

    I have never seen raw green almonds before! interesting!

  7. Nags says:

    I have never seen raw green almonds before! interesting!
    Oops…forgot to say great post! Looking forward to your next one.

  8. Cilantro says:

    I knew this was coming….I was expecting some green almonds recipes when I saw your last post. Looks too temting. Hope to see some more almond recipes Indira…

  9. Radhika says:

    I have been following your blog for quite some time.I love to cook and more importantly eat!! This dish seems very interesting..can feel the taste in my tongue!Will need to scout around for green almonds on this southeastern side of US!

  10. Madhuram says:

    I have seen green almonds on a tree back in India, but didn’t know it was edible.

  11. vineela says:

    love the oil free salad ,Indira.Raw Mango is a good substitute for lemon.
    Thanks for sharing

  12. Kalyani says:

    love the salad with mangoes … great idea indira … nice salad in summer …….

  13. Le @HC says:

    will look out for green almonds.. haven’t tasted them before. But i know for sure, i will love it and this salad too..

  14. Gini says:

    Never seen that combo before. Are green almonds a seasonal thing?

  15. Okay now this looks innovative plus very attractive since you have mentioned “oil free salad.” I really want to try this one but I have a question…I have seen green almond with velvety skin. So does it taste good?

  16. Indira says:

    Nirmala: Wonderful ideas! We should get together sometime soon.:)

    Thanks Mandira. This is how I’d describe Green almond’s taste profile:

    Outer green skin: Bitter and sour, like how it tastes when you bite into an olive.

    The middle white part: Sour and sweet, like tender green mango

    The inner undeveloped almond seed part: Sweet and jelly like, similar to toddy palm seeds (taati munjalu)

    Gini: Yes, they are.

  17. manila says:

    nice use of green almonds, i liked the pasta as well.

  18. Smita says:

    Indira, thanks for all your hard work — it’s made my life so much sweeter. Please would you consider coming up with a recipe that uses cactus (nopales)? I know that if you work your magic, I will be able to cook cactus curry with Indian flavors rather than Mexican/Latin American ones! Thanks again for all you do for people like me.

  19. Vani says:

    Ha ha…I did not we could use the skin…I just used the almonds and discarded all the skins…almost 2 lbs of it…what a waste!!
    Thanks so much for sharing recipes using all parts of green almonds…will try when I get these cuties again.

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