A Workout Vratham

In a fit as fiddle family, an awkward acoustic guitar aspired to be fit as flute.

So made the year 2009 “Fit as Flute” Year.

Started working out regularly and paying attention to the meal portions. It was going well but the passing time brought a no-progress plateau.

Then came the inspiring Kay to the rescue with a workout vratham.

Just like any venerable vratham, there is a time limit (duration) and food restrictions. July 18th – 31st, two weeks. No grains and no sugar. Allowed are legumes, lentils, greens and vegetables. Exercise regularly and eat sensibly. This is the plan and join in, she invited us all. Kay’s workout vratham sounded promising to overcome the plateau. She also has a detailed list of do’s and don’ts, which was very helpful for meal menu planning.

So here I am, my first ever vratham of this nature and naturally little bit apprehensive. Mainly because I intend to maintain a food dairy during this time. Hoping it would go smoothly without any hungry hiccups.

Peace and quiet are part of the vratham sampradayam. Follow if you must but keep the comment obnoxi-noise down. I would appreciate that very much.


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