Garden Goddess ~ Radha Manoharam

Rangoon Creeper
Quisqualis indica – Radha Manoharam (Telugu), Madhumalti (Hindi), Rangoon Creeper

We had Radha Manoharam growing up in Nandyala and I wished one for my Houston home garden too. Luckily I found a small seedling this March at Fort Bend Master Gardeners’ Sale. I planted it in the backyard, near the patio column, hoping it would cover the column and eventually make a nice arbor between the columns. It thrived in that spot and draped the entire column in just five months with vigorous growth. It started blooming in late August. Right now, the whole vine is adorned with hundreds of pretty flowers.

The flower buds open in the evening in pale white color. On the following day the bloom changes to pink and then gradually darkens to red and deep magenta by the third day. The clusters of blooms usually open few flowers at a time, so in blooming season multiple colors – white, pink and red are always visible on the plant making it visually very appealing. The flowers also seem to stay fresh at least for a week on the plant. I have noticed that during the day, pink and red flowers are visited by a wide range of visitors like bees and hummingbirds for the flower honey, and in the evenings freshly opened white blooms are visited by moths. The flowers have a pleasant fragrance that scents the air we breathe. So beautiful and divine, no wonder the plant is named in Telugu after the celestial romantic pair Radha and Krishna.

Another must have for fragrant flower lovers, heavenly Radha manoharam is my autumn garden goddess.

Rangoon Creeper
Radha Manoharam

Indian Party Menus ~ Navarathri Bhajan Bhojanam

Some delicious options for different occasions, that’s Indian Party Menus. In the hope that you would find this new series helpful when planning your party food menu.


I invited my friends and neighbours for Dasara Satsang. Meditation through Sanskrit shlokas, that is how I perceive the satsang experience. Bhakthi is naturally followed by ever-present bhukthi. Here is the menu for the Devi Navarathri bhajana bhojanam.

Devi Navarathri Bhajan – Bhojanam.

Theme: Dasara Luncheon
Guest number: 25
Time: for Lunch
Venue: Home
Preparation: Homemade

Bhajana Bhojanam Menu:

Buttermilk from homemade yogurt

Carrot-Cucumber Kosambari
Brown Chickpea Guggullu (soaked, boiled, lightly salted)

Peanut chutney
Potato Kura with fresh coconut seasoning

Bise bele bath
Lemon chitrannam
Daddhojanam (yogurt rice)

Dahi Mirchi (majjiga mirapa)

Moong dal – poppy seed payasam (pesara payasam)
Jujubee Fruits

Haldi and Kumkum
Apple and banana
Mysore Pak and Murukulu

Dasara at Home

Dasara at Home
Dasara Subhakankshalu to Family and Friends

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