Indian Party Menus ~ Telugu Thanksgiving Party

Some delicious options for different occasions, that’s Indian Party Menus.
Hope you would find this new series useful when planning your party food menu.

Thanksgiving Party at a friend’s home.

Theme: Telugu Thanksgiving in Kaarthika Vana bhojanam style
Guest number: 11
Time: for Lunch
Venue: Home
Preparation: Homemade

Party Food Menu:
Brinjal bajji and onion pakodi
White rice
Chicken Kurma (Kodi Kura)
Spinach Dal
Alu vepudu
Bottle gourd pulusu
Drumstick sambar
Kandi Pacchadi
Onion Pacchadi
Carrot and karela perugu pacchadi
Homemade dahi
Pomegranate(danimma) daddojanam
Papads and dahi mirchi (Majjiga Mirapa)

Paalathalikalu with ghee and mudda pappu
Mango kulfi

Served on:
Paper plates covered with fresh banana leaves

Party Favors:
Party food takeout in ziplock bags


Autumn Americana ~ Pecan Picking

Happy Deepavali, dear friends and readers. I have missed the web world, and it is good to be back and blogging again. Right now, it’s pecan harvest time in Houston. Mature, pecan trees line up the streets where we live and during autumn season you will see families with baskets and bags picking up the pecans that are fallen under the trees. We also joined the fun this year and picked up about five pounds of pecans from our neighborhood pecan trees. There are still plenty more pecans to pick and share. The shelled pecans were of good quality and very tasty.

Vijay and I, we both like pecans very much and we add them to kosambaris, cakes, pies and pralines. Pecans were one of the gifts that we chose to carry to Nandyala on our last India trip. We wanted our families back home have a taste of this wonderful americana treat. As we had hoped, they loved the pecans, particularly the jaggery-pecan pralines we prepared. Pecans truly are autumn wealth, and it’s good to get some directly from generous pecan trees.

Pecan Harvest
Pecan Harvest from Neighborhood Pecan Trees

Shelled Pecans
Shelled Pecans ~ An Autumn Wealth


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