About Us:

We are Indira and Vijay, wife and husband. We value and enjoy good things that life offers and strive for conscious and mindful living. Mahanandi is our web-home.

We are made of the places where we lived, the food we ate and the people we interacted with. This website, Mahanandi, is a way for us to show our appreciation to all those what we are made of, the places, the food and the people.

This website is also a way to communicate with our family through our parents’ recipes. Some are presented intact, some are tweaked and some are entirely new. Mostly homecooked everyday meals, sometimes special, and always with a consciousness of what is going into the pot and the body.

About Mahanandi:

Mahanandi is a peaceful temple town close to Nandyala, India and at the foothills of Nallamala forest range. Surrounded by lush forest, fresh water pools and gentle streams, the centuries old temple Mahanandi has a great influence on us. We grew up in Nandyala, and visited Mahanandi many times with family and have memorable experiences of a life time. The name Mahanandi always evokes calm, content and happy feelings for us. Mahanandi, our website is a celebration of that cherished tranquility.

- Indira

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