WV7 ~ Kay’s Cabbage Thayir Saadam

Nandi Vardanam Flower from Backyard
Vratha Pusham ~ Nandi Vardhanam (Crepe Jasmine) from Backyard

2 khaman with tomato chutney
A glass of ragi ganji without sweetener

A cup of dal (Bok choy with toor dal) in rasam consistency
A cup of leftover chard with chickpeas
A big bowl of hot cilantro soopa
Half apple and half carrot, grated and mixed with homemade yogurt

A glass of cold ginger buttermilk

A cup of Kay’s cabbage thayir saadam. Wonderful recipe and excellent taste. Parents also liked this combination. I had it with four jackfruit chips.
A cup of Bok choy dal
A cup of hot cilantro soopa

An hour walk: 4 miles, and an hour pilates – morning
Gardening – evening

In retrospect:
Pleasant day. But miss rice and roti very much.

Kay’s Cabbage Thayir Saadam

“Take a cup of cabbage poriyal, and add a cup of thick yogurt. Mix well. Enjoy it with your choice of pickle or side dish.” Talented Kay wrote in one of her daily food logs. I had to try and it happened today.

Like Kay mentioned, cabbage and yogurt combination make a good substitute for thayir saadam (dadhojanam) and with right texture too. I noticed that the taste improves on refrigeration. Good recipe with cabbage.

Preparation is two step:

Step 1 – Prepare Cabbage Curry: Grate cabbage extremely thin using a mandoline or grater. Grated cabbage mimicks fine rice grain/noodle in shape and texture, so the thinner the cabbage gets, the better it tastes in this recipe.

Heat oil in a skillet. Add and toast cumin, mustard seeds and curry leaves to fragrance. Add presoaked chana dal and finely chopped onions. Saute to crisp. Next goes the grated cabbage. Stir in salt, turmeric and coconut to taste. Cook until cabbage has wilted for few minutes. Turn off the heat and allow the curry to cool.

Step 2 – Add Yogurt: Serve a ladleful of cabbage curry in a bowl. Top it with homemade yogurt. Mix well and adjust salt to taste. Serve right away or refrigerate an hour for super experience.

Cabbage Thayir Saadam with Jackfruit Chips
Cabbage Thayir Saadam with Jackfruit Chips ~ For Meal Today

© Recipe and Photos Copyright 2009 Indira Singari.

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