In Season ~ Green Almonds

Green Almonds (Hara Badam)
Green Almonds

Green almonds (Hara Badam) are a rare and raw delicacy in India. I was very happy to see these precious gems again here in Houston at an Indian grocery shop. For us, like I mentioned they are a rare and raw delicacy. Short season and high price makes them a treat. We usually cut the green almond to half lengthwise, sprinkle salt and eat. Skin, seed and all. The sweetness of green almond has a delicate quality to it. Like the valley’s mist in early morning, the sweetness is ethereal and enthralling. You know the vadu manga? Very tender, bud size unripe mango, which is baby sweet with adult sourness just palpable. Green almond’s flavor is almost like that. They are really a delight, and I enjoy them greatly.

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