Weekend Movie ~ Subramaniapuram

I don’t remember exactly how I stumbled upon this melodious song from the movie Subramaniapuram, on YouTube. The music, characters in it and the picturization caught my immediate attention and searched for more. I found part-1 of the movie on YouTube. Watched it and went to next, part-2 and so on. I am now addicted to watching this movie.

I enjoyed watching because this movie brought back all the experiences I had from my childhood days. The narrow, tight street passages reminded me of my home and the streets where I lived. The bell-bottom pants and lungi-clad characters were reminiscent of my elder cousins who I played and grew up with. The rickshaws and jatkas reminded of the travel means we frequently used in those days. The bicycles brought back those good-old bicycle riding days to school. The movie made me relive my yesteryears.

Though I don’t speak or understand Tamil, I had to read the subtitles only few times to understand what was going on. It’s made with such a sophistication that you would seldom think you are watching a movie. You’d feel like you are living with the characters.

A real movie!


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