Weekend Movie ~ Subramaniapuram

I don’t remember exactly how I stumbled upon this melodious song from the movie Subramaniapuram, on YouTube. The music, characters in it and the picturization caught my immediate attention and searched for more. I found part-1 of the movie on YouTube. Watched it and went to next, part-2 and so on. I am now addicted to watching this movie.

I enjoyed watching because this movie brought back all the experiences I had from my childhood days. The narrow, tight street passages reminded me of my home and the streets where I lived. The bell-bottom pants and lungi-clad characters were reminiscent of my elder cousins who I played and grew up with. The rickshaws and jatkas reminded of the travel means we frequently used in those days. The bicycles brought back those good-old bicycle riding days to school. The movie made me relive my yesteryears.

Though I don’t speak or understand Tamil, I had to read the subtitles only few times to understand what was going on. It’s made with such a sophistication that you would seldom think you are watching a movie. You’d feel like you are living with the characters.

A real movie!


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  1. Bhuvana says:

    Hi Vijay, I speak Tamil fluently eventhough telegu is my mother tongue. My 1 year and 7 months son simply loves the song “Kangal Irandal”. He is very talkative. He can say so many words some of them in almost a sentence. He asks us for this song “Kangal listen” a million times. Ofcourse with “Kangal” in a strong accent. It would be wonderful if you knew the translation of the song, it’s awesome. It’s become our family song now.

  2. Bhuvana says:

    Sorry forgot to mention that the song “Kangal Irandal” is in this movie Subramaniapuram.

  3. Nirmala says:

    Vijay this movie had drawn all attention of the audience in the recent past and got many awards. Another proof for director sasikumar’s skill on his debut film

  4. Vijay says:

    I like your website a lot and added in favs. like the way u had presented. And about the movie it had won critical acclaims,some prestigious awards and most of the cast are new faces. This song is set to raga reeti gowla.

  5. Diane says:

    Great! I don’t watch too much Tamil film, as its harder to find than Hindi film, but this looks really good. I’m going to seek it out. Thanks for the recommendation.

  6. Cilantro says:

    This proves if a good movie is made then it attracts people who do not understand the language too.
    Nice movie and this song in particular is simply great. This was James`s first movie as music director.

  7. priya says:

    Vijay I too felt the same after seeing the movie.it brought back a lot of childhood memories….

  8. Mini says:

    its dubbed in telugu also,the title is “Ananthapuram 1980” and the song is Konte Chuputho..love it!

  9. Aarthi says:

    I enjoyed this song almost everyday when I went to india last time :). This song is shot in Madurai. Although I never lived in Madurai but being a Madurai native this is very special song 🙂

  10. Chandra Leela says:

    I love the songs in this movie, brought back lot of childhood memories, I just love swathi acting, she also acted nicely in Asta Chemma and Adavari matalaku Ardale Verule… I like to watch the telugu version of it.

  11. DK says:

    yeah – I love this song too! For a minute I was surprised to see this Video here in your blog, but thats the beauty of music – it transcend language, culture or any so called barriers!

  12. chandrika says:


    It’s an awesome song, both melodious and meaningful…Thanks for sharing.

  13. vineela says:

    Hi Vijay,
    They dubbed this movie as ananthapuram 1980.
    link for the telugu song.
    We too loved the song.

  14. poornima says:

    Nostalgia! What a sweet clip! Thanks for this, Indira.

  15. ninu says:

    Such a coincidence!! I have been watching this song on youtube for a week now..and I stumbled upon your website two days ago. I have already tried your dal palak and kalkand…SO SO GOOD! Just yesterday stumbled upon Subramnaiapuram with English titles on youtube. Me ad husband watched it all the way through…still reeling from the movie!!

  16. Usha says:

    Thanks for posting this video clip. Very cute…even my (American) husband found it very romantic, even though neither of us knows any Tamil. I’ve been using a lot of your recipes…they have the same flavor as amma’s great Telugu cooking we ate growing up. Thank you.

  17. krithika says:

    This song is great ! but the movie wasnt all that great. A little too violent.

  18. Padmaja says:

    Indira I saw this movie which was dubbed in telugu.. I was totally mesmerized with the actors. They were amazing and the story was so intense…

  19. Padmaja says:


    Because of your post, I looked up this video and I too am hooked! I love the beat, bass notes, and the fidelity to reeti gowla. I’m looking for this song on iTunes and haven’t been able to find it. Were you able to locate it there?
    Vijay, I must really trust your choice because I *never* watch Telugu movies, leave alone Tamil ones.

  20. Vidhya says:

    oh so cute. I will watch it. I am hooked. Classic

  21. Padmaja says:

    Vijay, I found an mp3 on line! Do you have any other recommendations?

  22. anagha says:

    I like this song very much.

  23. Vijay says:

    Thanks for your interest and comments and I’m glad you liked it. I have also found an MP3 download on the web, but would also try to get the songs CD. I will certainly let you know if I stumble upon something interesting 🙂

  24. Vassan says:

    Few words about the female voice.

    Deepa Miriam is a gifted singer. As for as Tamil, after the #1 of all time – Suseela Amma, she ranks right up there along with the likes of Chitra, Chinmayee, Shreya Ghoshal for her clarity, pronunciation and not to mention a true melodious voice.



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