WV5 ~ Steamed Cauliflower

Sanna Jaaji (Jasmine) from Backyard
Sanna Jaaji (Jasmine) from Backyard

2 pesarattus (moong dosa) with peanut chutney
A cup of ragi ganji without sweetener

1 pesarattu with a cup of brinjal-tomato curry. The brinjals are homegrown and tasted quite good with tomato masala.
A cup of moong dal rasam
Half carrot and half apple

A glass of cold ginger buttermilk

A cup of steamed cauliflower florets with salt and black pepper
A cup of brinjal tomato curry
A cup of moong dal rasam
For dessert: apple grated and added to a cup of soy milk

Cleaned the whole house. Vacuum, mop the tile floors etc, two hours of sweat inducing workout – morning
Stitched new curtains for the living room. Felt very accomplished and tailory – evening

In retrospect:
Complaint-free day.

Steamed Cauliflower

Tears stream when cauliflower appears on the plate, those were the days from The Wonder Years. From running away to reluctantly having and now actually enjoying cauliflower, I finally feel I made peace with this white ghost like haunting vegetable. When steamed and served, even without any special seasonings, cauliflower shines with sweet simplicity. A delayed revelation.

Steamed cauliflower preparation is easy. Cut cauliflower into big sized florets. Take them in a steam basket.

Bring a pot of water to boil. Insert steam basket and cover. Steam until the cauliflower florets are just tender. Remove the basket and serve the florets warm.

I prefer mine plain. Sometimes I also add a sprinkle of salt, black pepper and lemon juice. Good food.

Steamed Cauliflower Florets
Steamed Cauliflower Florets ~ For Meal Today

© Recipe and Photos Copyright 2009 Indira Singari.


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