WV12 ~ Sambar Soopa

Chamanthi (Chrysanthemum) from Front yard

A cup of ragi ganji without sweetener
A cup of cucumber slices with some lemon juice and pepper

A big bowl of veggie-rich sambar soopa
Quarter cup of bendi curry with yogurt (Dahi bendi)
1 boiled egg, yellow removed

A glass of ginger buttermilk

1 moong dal + chana dal dosa (Adai) with a cup of sambar soopa
(I couldn’t eat much. I was tired by night and food lost the appeal.)

Made murukulu and atrasalu (adhirasam) for the Vara Laxmi Pooja on Friday.

In retrospect:
Good day with lots of tempting food. Because I made them standing in front of stove for hours inhaling the oil smoke, it was easy to resist the temptation.

Vegetables for Sambar Soopa
Carrot, Mullangi, Yellow Squash, Okra~ Vegetables for Sambar Soopa

Sambar Soopa

A combination of four types of seasonal vegetables
Onion/shallots, tomatoes and cilantro
Toor dal and sambar powder
Asafetida Tadka
Very thick consistency

That is my definition of Sambar Soopa. Four kinds of vegetables and the aromatic spices convert an ordinary sambar into a rich, healthy and comforting sambar soopa worthy of Workout Vratham.

Sambar Soopa
A Comforting Cup of Sambar Soopa with Seasonal Vegetables ~ Meal Today

© Recipe and Photos Copyright 2009 Indira Singari.


10 Responses to “WV12 ~ Sambar Soopa”

  1. kalva says:

    love radish in sambar.. chamanthi looks lovely

  2. Rashmi says:

    The sambhar looks wonderful.
    Would it be possible for you to post the recipe for atrasalu please ? I have tried several recipes but have had no luck. We do not make it traditionally at home but I would love to eat it at my friends house or when our neighbors in Bangalore would give us trays filled with it during Deepavali (It is called Kajjaya in Kannada but was told it is the same as atrasalu)

  3. Aarti says:

    Hi Indira,
    Your discipline is inspiring. Stay healthy and take care of yourself…keep that calcium intake going for added strength…

  4. DK says:

    Discipline and will power is extraordinary. You getting tired is worrisome though – you know better.

    But I do agree – cooking for long actually kills my appetite.

  5. Nirmala says:

    Just finished Varalakshmi pooja. We don’t make adhirasam but jaggery appam and sugiyan are must 🙂 The soopa looks so very comforting. Taking oil smoke will reduce apetite so please take care Indira.

  6. moi says:

    That simple daisy looks so beautiful and perfect. And it shows your excellent photographic judgment. As for the soopa, I can almost smell it! It’s a wonderful picture and I’m sure it turned out delicious.

  7. Anu says:


    Do you mind if I use it as my desktop background? Such a cheerful and friendly flower 🙂


  8. sreedevi says:

    Hello Indira garu,

    I am also from Kurnool dist. Some how I came across your site on the Web. Your site great and awesome. I am looking for atrasalu recipe, if you dont mind could you please post the recipe. I am getting inspired to cook all your recipes. Thanks a lot for the wonderful recipes.

  9. Indira says:

    Thanks friends for your lovely and concerned comments. I am doing good.

    Nirmala: Varalakshmi vratha shubhakankshalu to you and amma. Sugiyan and jaggery appam sounds wonderful.:)

    Rashmi and Sreedevi: I will definitely write about the atrasalu recipe sometime next month. It is a delightful dessert but a time consuming one.

    Anu: You are most welcome to have this happy flower. 🙂

  10. Sanjana says:

    Hi Indira, great recipe here! Love your blog, gorgeous pictures! I’ll drop by often to check your new posts out! Please do stop by my blog when you have some time. Keep up the great work!

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