Weekend Politics: Needs and Wants In A Divided State

Many of you would have already noticed the plight of politics in the name of dividing the state of Andhra Pradesh. There is total chaos in all parts of the state. Schools, colleges, universities, businesses are closed. Transportation stalled, vehicles burned and damaged.

The real reason is not the question of justice or injustice to any selected area. The real reason is a selected few control the voice and needs of the majority. And, these selected few voice that their wants are the majority people’s needs.

Even today, even though we are in this so-called digital world, the majority people’s needs are education, health care, safe drinking water, and nutritional food.

Have you ever seen any present political leader fighting this hard and this violently for the real needs of the majority of people? There is a clear line between the needs of people and the wants of people. Majority of the people who have real needs do not raise their voice.

Politicians are fighting for their wants in the disguise of people’s needs. Is this for development or destruction?

If they are truly for the development of the state, why haven’t they ever fought this vigorously before for any development causes?

Would the change and development being promised in the name of dividing the state really benefit the majority of the people? Or would it benefit the selected few as it has always happened?

There is a clear distinction. Everyone has to raise the voice about the needs of the majority and not about the wants of the few.


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