Weekend This & That

Cold, computer breakdown, and couple of days in LA have kept me away from the comfort of the Mahanandi for the past few weeks. Thanks to the Pacific Ocean air and the promise of a new laptop, I feel refreshed and ready for the real and virtual life again.

Here are some photos we have taken during our trip to LA.

Balaji Temple, Malibu, CA

Pacific Coast

Santa Monica Beach


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  1. Cilantro says:

    Hope you had a nice trip. Seattle is unusually warm during this part of the year.

  2. shreya says:

    Wow, Malibu Temple and Santa Monica Pier…Love the drive through Malibu Canyons. You took me back to my memories.

  3. Manasi says:

    Hey!! that is the Balaji Mandir in Malibu! U were in my neighborhood!!
    It is a beautiful temple!

  4. moi says:

    Hi Indira, I’ve been to this temple when they were still finishing work on parts of it. It was really nice, and must be even lovelier now!

  5. Jyothi says:

    Wonderful pictures.. Waiting for ur new recipes Indira..

  6. hamsa says:

    Happy to see new photos in the site eagerly waiting for ur recipes……. not even a sigle day had gone whitout checking mahanandi

  7. Bong Mom says:

    Good to see you back, refreshed, Indira. Was wondering what happened

  8. rashmi says:

    hope u had a nice time….

  9. DK says:

    Nothing like a visit to the temple to boost one’s morale! Of course a silly cold cannot match the warmth of those incense sticks at god’s threshhold.

  10. Padmaja says:

    I love the Malibu temple. The priests are great. I wish it was better maintained though. It makes me sad to see new temples in North America to go into disrepair.

  11. Sowmya says:

    Hi Indira,
    You have brought back my memories by your LA trip photos. Those were the wonderful times in my life. Looking forward to more of your recipes.

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