Mahanandi is 5

White Camellia for Mahanandi 5th Birthday
White Camellia for Mahanandi 5th Birthday

Mahanandi has always been a place of cherished memories, experiences and love. I am grateful for the enthusiasm and energy that surrounds Mahanandi from around the world. Thank you for being a part of this tranquil experience.

Happy 5th anniversary to my beloved Mahanandi!


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  1. Smitha says:

    Happy Anniversary to Mahanandi! Thank you Indira for this beautiful and very useful website. I love the recipes, photos and everything about it.

  2. BongMom says:

    Happy 5th dear Indira & Vijay. Mahanadi has always been an inspiration and still is. May it retain its glory for years to come

  3. Uma says:

    Happy Anniversary. Delicate texture of the flower is captured perfectly!
    Good luck for years to come.

  4. Cilantro says:

    Happy 5th Anniversary dear Indira! Mahanadi has always been an inspiration to me and I admire your dedication. .

  5. Priti Iyer says:

    A very Happy Blog Birthday Indira, I am one of your many fans who has benefited from ur sort to keep my kitchens fires going !!!!!..Thanks a lot and a have a fantastic time blogging ur heart of receipes……..

  6. arundati says:

    congratulations!! 5 years of good work…thank you for sharing…

  7. B o o. says:

    Congrats Indra! Its a pleasure to read your blog. Heres to many more years of blogging. *clink*

  8. This is truly a wonderful day!!! Indira I am sure you have inspired many people….continue your wonderful job…..Happy birthday!!!

  9. Happy Anniversary to Mahanandi!!.. Thank you so much for sharing.. 🙂

  10. Jaya says:

    Wow! 5years..thanks for sharing delicious recipes with us and hope to see many more delicious years of sharing in future also..heartfelt congratulations..
    hugs and smiles

  11. Maninas says:

    Now that is a very special anniversary. Happy birtdhay, dear Mahanandi.

  12. vani says:

    happy 5th anniversery to mahanandi.happy birthday!!!!!!!!

  13. Ashim says:

    Dear Indira,

    Congratulations! I’ve commented before, nor have I ever tried any of your recipies. But, your blog has given me a lot of joy over the years. Thank you.

    Wish you the very best in life.

  14. indosungod says:

    Happy Anniversary to Mahanandi. It is easily one of the best food blogs around.

  15. priya says:

    Best wishes to one of the wonderful blogs I have seen!!!!!!

  16. Koki says:

    Happy birthday Mahanandi.. Indira you are a great source of inspiration … A very responsible blogger 🙂

  17. Aarti says:

    Happy Birthday to the blog that introduced me to the world of delicious cooking!!
    Am always so grateful to Mahanandi, and you dear Indira.
    We salute your talent!

  18. Ramya says:

    Happy anniversary Mahanandi!

  19. Gini says:

    Thanks for being such an inspiration!

  20. Srimathi says:

    Happy Birthday to Mahanandi. It is a true please to visit your blog and use your recipes. It has also shown the blogging the world to do blog with grace.Thank you.

  21. DK says:

    Wow Indira…Wishing you and your cherished memoir a happy Bday and also wishing it many many more years. Your presence in the blogging world has bought happiness, pleasure, a kind helpful hand, a surrogate motherly care and a calming peace with your food based medicines all these years. You might not have been in person in so many ppl house, but your blog has given that personal touch to so many hearts. It takes a lot to keep sharing such unconditional love to all and on this day, I want to let you know how much we appreciate your gesture and how much we appreciate you.

    Though this word has been used and abused enough to lose it real meaning, I cannot help but say it again today – “Thank You”.

  22. Padma says:

    Happy 5th Anniversary. Your site has become great inspiration for me to try out new foods. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Aparna Anand says:

    Wow! Congratulations on completing 5 years and coming up with yummier dishes by the day. I must say that after my amma, it is your blog that i turn to to get the inspiration and ideas to cook. Great going! Keep our jihva for good food alive with your blog!

  24. snacksgiving says:

    Wow! Congratulations! And wishing many many more to come! Happy Anniversary

  25. preeti says:

    Congratulations! To me, Mahanandi has become a symbol of authencity! Mahanandi taught me to appreciate and enjoy each and every ingredient of a dish. And most importantly it taught me to respect food, respect my body and be conscious about what I put into it. In this time and world its hard to meet/imagine someone like you Indira! Mahanandi made food spiritual!

  26. Swati says:

    Congratulations Indira. Happy Anniversary. Hope to see many more recipes.

  27. Suma Gandlur says:

    Dear Indira, happy anniversary.
    I happened to visit your blog for the first time more than 3 years ago thru another link and that link was my introduction to blogs. I remember then sitting straight & going thru all your recipes in two days and wondering that you cooked more like my mom (than I did.)
    Though I don’t blog hop much, you are one of the few bloggers I keep visiting.
    Ilanti marenno puttina rojulni mee Mahanandi jarupukovalni asisthunnanu. 🙂

  28. Mona says:

    Congratulations Indira. Keep rocking!

  29. Sonia says:

    Congratulations! 🙂

  30. Kay says:

    Happy anniversary, Mahanandi!! 🙂 You’ve been a very special place for me. Thanks for sharing so generously, dear Indira!

  31. Vidya Vaidyanath says:

    Congratulations on this wonderful occasion. Mahanandi is one of the very authentic websites,with a blend of traditional and modern cuisines, benefitting many like me..May its glory spread across for many more years to come. And Thanks Indira for sharing your creations with the world !

  32. Anu says:

    Dear Indira,

    I can’t believe it is 5 years!! Yesterday, I made a simple, but delicious pulao based a recipe from Mahanandi. Looking through my recipe book, about 70% of recipes are from Mahanandi.

    Thanks for the inspiration and guidance you provide. Keep up the good work.


  33. ashwini says:

    Congratulations and many more happy returns of the day!!

  34. trupti says:

    Wonderful to hear this! Here’s to many more anniversaries! 🙂

  35. ms says:

    Hi Indira,
    congratulations! How time flies – looking forward to many more anniversaries,


  36. silver says:

    congratulations Indira for the beautiful website, love ur website, it is a integral part of my cooking

  37. Harini says:

    Congratulations!! The first blog I ever visited couple yrs ago and spent hours reading all of your wonderful entries attracted to ur blog cos my mom hails from koilkuntla, near Nandyal!
    Wishing u many more yrs in the blogging world!!

  38. aarthi says:

    Happy Birthday Mahanandi.

  39. RedChillies says:

    Happy Blog anniversary Indira and sincere wishes for more and more to come. Your wonderful recipes,beautiful pictures,classy writing etc are an immense source of inspiration for people like me. Thank you so much.

  40. Pdk says:

    Hi Indiragaru,
    Congratulations!!! I happen to find your site accidentally through a link that was sent by my friend to describe tindora. And then on, i was mesmerised with your site and still am. All that nuances i was able to add to my cooking. I need a new variety of food but that tastes like home, i always come here .. Thank you so much for being a part of my family!!!! Affectionately , Pdk

  41. Narayan says:

    Wish you a very Happy Anniversary, Indira. The food blog, the pics, the overall ambience of this blog is amazing that makes people come back again and again.

    Greetings and good wishes for many more years in this endeavour and more!

  42. Mamatha says:

    Happy anniversary to Mahanandi, Indira! Yours is among the early food blogs I discovered a little less than 5 years ago and I’ve been an ardent fan since then. Here’s wishing Mahanandi many more anniversaries.

  43. sruthi says:

    Love ur website Indira garu…. Congratulations and Best Wishes…..

  44. ranjan says:

    Indira a very happy 5th anniversary to Mahanandi and you, I don’t have words to express what Manhanandi means to me and as someone said earlier you are in all our homes and in our hearts, thank you for so generously sharing your receipes with us, you have given me so much inspirations and to me for receipes Mahanandi is my google.

  45. Gayatri says:

    Happy anniversary. It is nice to see good blogs.

  46. Sapna says:

    Happy 5th anniversary to Mahanandi. Thanks for having such a great and inspiring site. I have been following your sites for almost 4 years now:)

  47. Srivalli says:

    Happy Anniversary and wishes for many more years to come Indira.

  48. GaganBhavani says:

    Happy Anniversary and wishing Mahanandi many more years.

  49. Jennifer says:

    Congrats! That’s quite an accomplishment!

  50. Sowmya says:

    Happy Anniversary Mahanandi. Love ur photos,recipes. They r always a pleasure to my sight and taste buds.

  51. Leena Goutam says:

    Hello Indira,

    You & Mahanandi have inspired sooo many of us !

    I would like to raise the Toast for the Blog I visit everyday !!! CHEERS !!!

    Congratulations and Wishing you many more delicious moments and imspired readers !!!

    Best Wishes,
    Leena Goutam

  52. Indira says:

    It feels like a family reunion with so many familiar faces. Thank you friends for the warm wishes and the good words! I don’t think I’d have continued Mahanandi if it is not for your kind encouragement over the years. You make it worthwhile. Thanks again and looking forward to many more years of shared culinary celebrations through Mahanandi.

  53. kumudha says:


    Your blog is beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing tasty vegetarian and vegan recipes.

    Happy Anniversary, Mahanandi!

  54. Madhuli says:

    Congrats to you and Mahanandi for the milestone; you are ,my original inspiration to start blogging!thanks a lot for sharing such wonderfu; recipes..and hope you keep sharing many more!(also hope to see you on twitter in the coming year!no harm in wishing!) hugs to you

  55. Sia says:

    Wishing Mahanandi a very happy blog anniversary and looking forward to many more years of culinary adventures. And thank you Indira and Vijay for your contribution to food blogging community 🙂

  56. yourFan says:

    Happy Anniversary and wishing you many more successful years! Love your writing, recipes and pictures. Kudos to you for your relentless pursuit of sharing this wealth. You may not feed food, but you make it possible! So, ‘anna dhatho sukhi bhava’ 🙂

  57. Nirmala says:

    Congrats Indira! Yeah its a family re-union 🙂 Wishing you many more years of blogging and thanks a ton for being so very inspirational!

  58. Yay, Congratulations Indira. Wishing your more and more of these sweet days. You inspire me through your blog and your recipes inspire my tummy by feeding “YUMMY” home style food. Keep them coming.

  59. Srivalli says:

    Indira, Best wishes and all the best for many more years to come…..Have been a lurker all these days.Appreciate all your efforts…..

  60. Srivalli says:

    I forgot to say Congratulations!!!!Congratulations and Keep rocking!!

  61. madhuri says:

    Congratulations! indira

  62. mona says:

    Happy 5th birthday to Mahanandi.
    ALways a pleasure to visit this website.

  63. Meera says:

    Happy 5th birthday, Mahanandi.
    Best wishes, Indira!

  64. Mallik says:

    Congratulations Indira, you have the amazing talent to keep all of us coming back to your blog. Awesome work, keep up the good work.

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