Jihva Workout Vratham ~ Week 2

May 8th and 9th:

Went out on the weekend to parties and had party food. (Naan, Pulao, Matar and Palak Paneer, Raita and Rasmalai) Not good vratham-wise, but I did do portion control.
At home, for breakfast and evening meal, had ragi malt, fruit salad and upma.
Workout: Shopping walk.

May 10th:

Vratham Food:
Morning:A glass of lemon(lime) water. (Squeeze half a lime into a glass of water. Mix and drink.)
1 cup mung sprouts lightly toasted and seasoned with salt and black pepper.
Noon: 1 bowl cucumber slices + 1 bowl mango slices with salt and chilli powder + Half glass plain soda water
Evening: A bowl of Kerala matta rice with a cup of turai curry + a cup of okra-toor dal sambar made without tamarind
6 glasses of water throughout the day.
Workout: 15 minutes meditation + 30 minutes brisk walk

May 11th:

Vratham Food:
Morning: 1 big cup, ragi malt sweetened with jaggery + 15 rehydrated almonds
Noon: 1 small bowl moong sprouts subji + 1 sweet mango
Evening: 4 zucchini pesarattus + 1 glass ginger buttermilk (from homemade yogurt)
Workout: 1 hour cycling(spinning) + 45 minutes weights class at the gym.
Good day.

May 12th:

Vratham Food:
Morning: 1 big glass of ragi malt, sweetened with jaggery + 15 rehydrated almonds
Noon: 1 bowl of guggullu(sundal) with alasanda + 1 ripe, sweet mango (yum!)
Evening: 1 cup cardamom chai
1 cup Kerala matta rice + 1 cup mango dal + 1 cup green beans-green peas poriyal (from yesterday’s harvest, green beans never tasted better)
Workout: 30 minutes walk + 15 minutes meditation

May 13th:

Vratham Food:
Morning: 1 glass of ragi malt, sweetened with jaggery + 15 rehydrated almonds
Noon: 1 bowl green beans-green peas poriyal with a cup of Kerala matta rice + 1 sweet mango
Evening: 2 bajra rotis + 1 bowl cluster beans-Crowder Peas curry + 1 glass plain soda water (so humid here)
Workout: 15 minutes meditation and 30 mins walk + 45 mins spinning class at the gym.

May 14th:

Vratham Food:
Morning: 1 glass of ragi malt sweetned with jaggery + 12 rehydrated almonds
Noon: 1 cup cluster beans (gawar)-crowder peas curry with one bajra roti and a glass of buttermilk
Evening: 3 matta rice+urad dal dosas with some zucchini curry + 1 sweet and tasty mango
Workout: Home cleaning and website cleaning (oy, what a mess!)


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