Jihva Workout Vratham ~ Week 4

May 22 and 23:

Vratham Food:
Sundal, sambar and subji, the three S’s with plenty of fresh vegetables and protein filled lentils was my food intake on the weekend.
Workout: Not much except the routine, weekend shopping walk.

May 24:

Vratham Food:
Morning: A cup of Ragi malt and one cucumber
Noon: Zucchini zunka (love this recipe) with roti, and a bowl of mango and pear fruits
Evening: Capsicum subzi with roti plus a small cup of yogurt rice with diced cucumbers
Workout: 30 minutes walk + 3 hours gardening work + 15 minutes meditation
Miss you. dear Kay!

May 25:

Vratham Food:
Morning: A cup of ragi malt and one cucumber
Noon: Capsicum subzi in Sesame sauce with one roti + a bowl of pear fruit
Evening: A bowl of Payala kura pappu (purslane dal) with Kerala matta rice + a glass of ginger buttermilk
Workout: 30 minutes walk + 15 minutes meditation

May 26 to 31:

Vratham Food:
Morning: Sundal and Ragi malt
Noon: Bowl of Subzi with fresh and green leafy vegetables with roti and a bowl of fruit
Evening: A bowl of Sambar Soopa with toor dal and plenty of fresh vegetables and a bowl of fruit
Workout: Walking, weights and meditation

Vratham Results:
Sundal, Subzi and Sambar, the three S’s of Bharath’s culinary staples were my Satyam, Sivam and Sundaram during Workout Vratham. I am glad I did the workout vratham. I feel light and I have much more energy than before.


7 Responses to “Jihva Workout Vratham ~ Week 4”

  1. Suman says:

    Indiragaru, i don’t know what “Zucchini” means .Can you please name it in telugu or kannada ? cos i want to try zunka and i am unable to identify the vegetable.

  2. Happy vratham !!! 🙂

  3. krithika says:

    I am with you on this dear. Not just able to post daily updates. Last night’s dinner was stir-fry with all green veges and tofu.

    Today’s breakfast was : Green tea
    Honey dew , blackberries and apple

    Lunch : Dried green peas (vatana) kurma style curry.

    Dinner : Thinking of making pesarattu with whole moong dal

  4. Kay says:

    I’ll be back in a month, Indira. I promise. You are doing just great!!

  5. RRH says:

    indira ur doing great work out i just wondering how u manage ur garden? its lot of work and takes time…… .
    and let me know how can u preper for next day for cooking

  6. N S says:

    Hello Indira garu,
    I too did this workout and felt really happy. Lost some weight and looking froward again for this type of vratam/workout. I updated my daily routine in my blog.

  7. Kay says:

    Wonderful!!! You are an inspiration. 🙂

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