Weekend Vegetable Harvest

Tomatoes from my Garden

Home Garden Harvest for this Week:
28 tomatoes (Brandywine, Celebrity, Cherokee Purple)
16 okra (bendi)
8 brinjals (purple variety)
7 cucumbers (pickle variety)
4 yellow squash
2 zucchini
1 turai (beerakaaya)
Bunch of ripe, red chillies

Vegetables from my Garden


19 Responses to “Weekend Vegetable Harvest”

  1. WEENA says:

    Yours is truly an inspirational blog!!

  2. Rekha says:

    Hi Indira,

    This is my first post but I’m a regular reader of your awesome blog. I live near Northwest Houston and last year we tried to grow tomatoes but unfortunately there were lot of bugs. I’m just wondering if you are facing any such problems while growing tomatoes and other plants. What products do you use to get rid of any plant disease. So far we are using Neem spray if we see any insects.This year we planted chikkudu(45 days seed), goru chikkudu, okra, beera, sora, potla, gongura.
    Thank You.

  3. Sonia says:

    Awww…I wish I could grab your veges basket. 🙂

  4. All the veggies look so amazing! What plans do you have for them?

  5. Balu says:

    Bless you Indira Garu for being green.

  6. kalva says:

    wow lovely basket of fresh veggies!!

  7. Mamatha says:

    Indira, your harvest pictures make me so happy. I planted some veggie saplings last week. I hope I get a harvest like yours.

  8. Usha says:

    Wow.I love your weekend harvest series. I can eat those tomatoes just like that – fresh off the vines. Yum.

  9. Beautiful and fresh looking veggies…Guten apetit !!! 🙂

  10. kumudha says:

    Wonderful veggies!

    Indira, these days I’m cooking so much from your lovely blog. Thank you so much for writing this great blog…

  11. Sam says:

    Hi Indira,
    Lovely basketful of crop! Appreciate your posts and work. I planted a few beerakaya seeds this year. Just wondering how long it took for you to get that lovely fruit? Also would appreciate tips on supporting the plants. This is my first year gardening. Thank you and please continue the good work !

  12. Linda says:

    Dear Indira,

    Your harvest posts are a delight to behold! Makes me hopeful for the end of summer here, when I might have a few of the same 🙂 Happy to see dear Kittaya enjoying the garden, too. Hope you’re all well!

  13. Apu says:

    Super!! My tomato and chili plants are just starting out!! Hope I get a nice harvest too:)

  14. Ranjan says:

    Indira, Wow lost for words. Everything looks incredible, you must have had some delicious meals out of the harvest. Bon apetite!

  15. Shree says:

    Hi Indira,

    Truly inspiring. Everybody wishes, few plan and only very few execute. You are on one of the very few.
    I admire you. You are going to have a real treat..

  16. Indira says:

    Thank you all for the sweet harvest like comments.

    Hi Rekha: It’s good to know that you are also from Houston. You’ve planted all our traditional vegetables. May you be blessed with bountiful harvest.
    I use home-made chilli power solution for the bug problem. Add 4 tablespoons of chilli powder and 2 tablespoons of salt to 2 glasses of water. Mix well and store the solution in a spray bottle. After a week, you can use it on plants. I also use neem spray.
    45-day chikkudu seeds, I am hearing about them first time. Do they produce good harvest? I’d love to plant few, if you can spare some seeds. Thanks.

    Housewife: Thanks. Kosambari, sundal, sambar and subzi…they are our daily meals.

    Mamatha: So glad to read that you have also planted veggies. All the best!

    Kumudha: I’m happy to read that you are trying and liking the recipes from Mahanandi. Appreciate the feedback and thank you for all your support and good words!

    Hi Sam: I planted the turai seeds in March ending, so it took me about two months to harvest the turai. For the support, we built a wood frame. I wrote a post about it last year, please go through “garden log” archives for the details. All the best with your veggie gardening.

    Dear Linda, how are you? So glad to read your comment. We are doing good and kittaya is his usual content self.
    I tried to reply to your email, but it’s bounching back.

    Thanks Ranjan.

  17. Kay says:

    Indira, Your garden bounty is calling me to garden more. I was getting overwhelmed with the idea of gardening on my own and finally asked a sweet friend to join me. The best decision I ever did! We started very late for this season, put in the seeds last week, got a few tomato and basil seedlings from the store.

    The mesclun container on the balcony and sunflower are coming up in great speed though.

  18. Madhavi says:

    Your blog was the first that came an insite into the world of Indian cooking and have been following it since. Saw your beautiful harvest and your cucumbers look so perfect. Have been trying since two years to be able to grow cucumbers had ended up getting hit by aphids and cucumber beetles. Do you have any tips on getting bug free delicious cucumbers.

  19. Rekha says:

    Hi Indira,

    Sorry for the late response.Thanks for responding to my earlier post and definetly we will try your method to get rid of bugs.

    Regarding the 45days chikkudu, I have only 3 or 4 seeds left as I gave them to some of my friends.If you still want them,please let me know how to send them to you.You can give an email to my yahoo id that I have submitted along with this post.My MIL planted those seeds one and half month back and now we see lot of chikkudukayalu on each plant.Fortunately, there is no disease.

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