Bean Sprouts with Bell Peppers

“Keeping your body healthy is an expression of gratitude to the whole cosmos: the plants, the clouds, everything.” An old proverb says. Here is a hope that this north Indian kadi inspired recipe will contribute to the cause. Garden fresh green bell peppers are cooked with moong bean sprouts in dahi sauce. The cooling dahi sauce provides an interesting and characteristically North-Indian contrast to somewhat earthy bell peppers. This nutritious and easy to prepare recipe can be served as a main course accompanied with rice or roti.

Bell Pepper Stuffed with Moong Bean Sprouts

Bean Sprouts with Bell Peppers
(for 2 to 4 for 2 to 1 meal)

    2 cups moong bean sprouts
    4 bell peppers, remove the end&seeds and chop to chunks, 2 cups
    1 semi ripe tomato, finely chopped, 1/2 cup
    1 small onion or shallot, finely chopped, 1/2 cup
    1 cup, dahi (Indian yogurt)
    1 tablespoon besan (gram flour, chickpea flour)
    1/2 teaspoon each – salt, red chilli powder and garam masala powder
    1/4 teaspoon – turmeric
    1/4 cup, finely chopped fresh cilantro leaves for garnish

    for Kasuri methi Tadka:
    1 tablespoon peanut oil
    1 tablespoon kasuri methi
    pinch each- cumin and methi seeds

1. In a large skillet, heat peanut oil. When oil is hot, add and toast kasuri methi, cumin and methi seeds in that order to fragrance.

2. Add onion, tomato, bell pepper one after another and saute until softened, about ten minutes.

3. Add moong sprouts and salt, chilli, garam masala powder and turmeric. Pour about half cup of water. Mix well. Cover the skillet and steam-saute until the moong sprouts are soft and tender.

4. In a cup, take dahi and add besan flour. Mix them well without any lumps.

5. Reduce the heat to low. Stir a little of this dahi-besan mix into the subji, then gradually add the entire mixture. Simmer on low heat for about two minutes. Turn off the heat. Garnish with cilantro leaves. Serve warm.

Bean Sprouts with Bell Peppers
Bean Sprouts with Bell Peppers ~ For Meal Today


9 Responses to “Bean Sprouts with Bell Peppers”

  1. Kiran says:

    Delicious bean sprouts and capsicum curry with yogurt base.Nice pic.

  2. Narayan says:

    An interesting twist to your recipe is inspired by the first pic of the sprouts and capsicum. Why not sautee the sprouts in masala and then stuff it into the scooped out peppers (capsicum) and then lightly oil it before placing into a microwave over to cook for a bout 2-3 mins. An excellent side dish is ready!

  3. Vandya says:

    How do you come with such combinations? I’m sure how it would taste but since it is on your space…i’m guessing that it will be GOOD.

  4. Sanjeeta kk says:

    A healthy combo of sprouts and capsicum. Must go very well with hot chapattis. Must make it. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  5. Rachana says:

    Looks healthy and delicious Indira!
    Nice clicks too!

  6. Greg says:

    First I want to say your blog is fantastic and your photos inspirational. I’ve been sprouting a lot of things lately – peas, moong, lentils, grains. I just posted an egg white scramble with mixed sprouts on my blog. Anyway, I’m a big fan of yours and wanted to come out from hiding and say thanks for your wonderful posts.

  7. Inspirational use of bean sprouts. I have been sprouting methi seeds and I reckon that I might add some to the moong beans to create a bean sprout mix. Do you think that would work?

    They make a good mix but methi sprouts tend to be on the bitter side. It’s better to add them in small quantity.

  8. Sreedevi says:

    Hi Indira,
    I have been a silent admirer of you, your passion for cooking, your website for the last serveral years. I am from Cuddapah and feel nostalgic looking at many dishes that you post. You have a good blend of traditional and moderen cooking styles.
    I tried several dishes from your website and enjoyed each and everyone of them.. Recently tried this bean sprouts with bell peppers and it came out very good..
    Just wanted to congratulate you and thank you for the great work you are doing for the last several years!!
    Keep it up!

  9. Versa Kay says:

    Looks and tastes yummy. Besides, it’s easy to prepare.Nice.

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