Summer Fruit Harvest ~ Fresh Figs (Medi Pandlu)

Ripe Fig

Ripe Figs (Medi Pandlu) from My Garden

Fresh, Ripe Figs

We planted a small fig plant (Celeste) last March. It survived the unseasonably snowy winter last year and has grown into a healthy looking bush with plenty of branches. Thanks to the pleasant spring season we had this year.

The branches are filled with fruit now and I see at least 40 to 50 figs in various stages of development. They started to ripen since June last week. Everyday I would see 6 to 7 ripe figs for the past one week. I leave one or two ripe fruits for the birds, and pluck the remaining for us.

We are eating them raw right away, because these luscious ripe figs are tasty, delicate and juicy. They have soft skin that splits with ripeness emitting a fruity aroma and sweet honey like nectar. I had the pleasure of eating fresh figs at my grandparents home in Nandikotkur when I was little. But never thought it would be possible here. This happy occasion reminds me of our Yogi Vemana Padyalu recitals of childhood.

మేడి పండు చూడ మేలిమైయుండు
పొట్ట విప్పి చూడ పురుగులుండు
పిరికివాని మదిని బింకమీలాగురా
విశ్వదాభిరామ వినుర వేమ.

Vemana Padyalu by Precious Babygirl Naina.


26 Responses to “Summer Fruit Harvest ~ Fresh Figs (Medi Pandlu)”

  1. hema says:


    Entha cute ga vundhira ne voice Naina. Chaala Chakkaga padutunnav

    God bless you ra..

  2. Sanjeeta kk says:

    I wish you had sliced a fig and taken a snap. Want to see the fleshy pulp of the fruit. Beautiful colors.

  3. padmaja says:

    wow wow wow.. indira anthe cute ga vundhi a papa… bale cheppindhilee .. so sweet…

  4. Roopa says:

    WOW!! Nina fantastic. chala baga paadavu. very cute. Love your expressions while your singing. I have got goose-bums on my arms listening to her kokila lanti voice.

  5. lakshmi says:

    Namaste,Indira garu.I know figs are sweet&delicious fruit,yummy.full of iron. I like fresh figs only. you are lucky to have in garden.
    Naina baby looks cute& beautiful. God bless you, Naina. Enta chinna age lo chala clear ga padyalu paadindi. papa amma garu opicaga manchi padyalu neripincharu. keep it up. Naina bangaru papa.

  6. Kiran says:

    Very nice to hear the vemana satakams and a song from little Naina.She looks beautiful,best wishes to her.

    Figs look delicious.

  7. Dr.Loknadh says:

    Namaste Mrs.Indira,

    I have been following your wonderful blog since I came across it about a month ago. I live in Hyderabad, where we enjoyed fresh figs which were available till recently.

    Living in Texas you are really blessed to have a home garden full of fruit trees, and all sorts of seasonable garden fresh vegetables.

    Your recipes are all wonderfully authentic! Cheers for keeping up the spirit of Andhra cuisine high in the USA!

  8. Kay says:

    hmm… how come I never tried figs when I was in India, I lived in Chennai. Even after coming here, for some reason I never tried figs in its fruit form. I am going to give it a try now.

  9. RV says:

    These are definitely luscious figs, reminds me on Yercaud where we used to pick figs from the little trees.

  10. Sonal says:

    I planted small fig tree too this spring but no fruits yet. Hopefully next year. Can’t wait..

  11. shreya says:

    I moved to my house last year and there is a fig tree which is loaded with fruits. After seeing your post i plucked one yesterday to see that they are still raw. How do i judge, Indira.

  12. Kay says:

    will be back to listen to the little girl. the speaker isn’t working right now.

    Indira, so glad you have a fig tree. its such a wonderful fruit.

  13. Diane says:

    I have the most beautiful fig tree in my back yard. It must be 30 feet high and wide, lush and shady. Unfortunately it bears lousy, watery green figs. The birds like them, but they taste like nothing. Luckily I have friends who give me good figs – I just had some lovely purple ones with yogurt for breakfast this AM – from my friend’s tree!

  14. Narayan says:

    This is fantastic – and I only thought you had seasonal veggies in your garden patch. I remember having a fig plant in our garden when I was growing up in Nagpur. The fruits did not grow big because the soil was not fertile enough, and i guess the summer heat of the Nagpur magnitude is not conducive to this delicious fruit.

    Many years later, I remember returning from a summer holiday in the Mahabalshwar hills of Maharashtra and drinving past Pune. En route, I saw a farmer carting basketfuls of this fruit to the bust stop on the roadside. I had to stop, and buy a kilo of this juicy, sweet fruit. I have never tasted anything more fresh or sweet as that fruit – straight from the farm.

    Thanks for rekindling old memories.

  15. I fell in love with your blog, Indira….I love this lovely girl reciting- can’t wait till mine is this big- what a blessing little girls are (and boys too!).
    My neighbour dropped 2 grocery bags of fresh figs at my door a few weeks back- she had no clue what to do with them- and having grown up with canning being almost like a summer ritual, I made one of the best jams there! Thanks for your fig posting!

  16. Sri says:

    God bless Naina..she is able to sing the songs very nicely at this age…Kudos to her parents..and Keep rocking Naina…

  17. Vandya says:

    I’m speechless after I heard Naina singing…love the way she moves her hands while singing.

  18. Anu says:

    God bless Naina….chala baaga paadevu Naina. Thanks Indira for the video

  19. Prabha says:

    Thanks for posting the video Indira. Lovely Naina has very sweet voice. She is wonderful. My heartful blessings to Naina.

  20. Minu says:

    I was almost moved to tears of happiness watching little Naina sing. I do not follow Telugu, but, language is no barrier for such a beautiful rendition. “Achyutam Keshavam” was equally great. God bless her.

  21. Bhavana says:

    Baby Naina is very sweet. I amazed by her ability to recite vemanaShatakam so profeciently. God Bless her.
    Thank you for posting this video Indira garu.

  22. kanthi says:

    Naina, bangaru thalli chala bagunnayi nee padhyalu,patalu..God bless you maa..

  23. Shobana says:

    Naina, nee voice chaaaaala maduram gaa undi naanna… choooooo sweet….. waiting for my baby girl to be this big (she is 5 months old now)… Indira, you have a special way of doing things… its always a great pleasure visiting your website……keep up the good work….

  24. sriteja says:

    oh naina ur so cuteeeeeee. entha oopika gaa nerpinchaaru padyaalu ani nainaa ki. It took me back to my school days. Gold bless naina.

  25. Rajshree says:

    Very cute voice…. at this tender age… all the best for naina.

  26. ChinaBabu says:

    Bangaru Talli…Baaga Paadav ra..Talli-Tandri Enta adrustavantulo nee lanti pillalu pudite telustundi.
    Naina valla Amma-Nanna laku naa pratyeka abinandanalu.
    Indulo efforts pettina prati vaariki Thanks….

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