Jai Hind and Jhangri

Sing Jana Gana Mana. Salute, Jai Hind. Enjoy chocolate or biscuit with friends.

We fondly remember the days when we were kids attending the Independence Day celebration at school. Though it was small and just a single piece, receiving that simple sweet for us young minds was a sure cause of celebration.

At our school, Swami Vivekananda Vidyalaya at Nandyala, children are getting a chance to enjoy some of the traditional sweets like jhangri and laddu on special occasions. This Independence Day children enjoyed jhangri.

Happy Independence Day to Beautiful Bharath!

Jai Hind and Jangri on August 15th
One of the cute young girls enjoying Jhangri on this 15th August ~ from Swami School, Nandyala.


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