Goddesses of the Garden ~ Desert Rose

Desert Rose Flowers
Desert Rose Flowers

I am very fond of Desert Rose flower, another goddess of my garden, because the flowers resemble the gorgeous frangipani of India.

I have desert rose plant for the last two years. It was a tiny seedling then, with four to five young leaves. I planted it in a container and placed it in an east facing spot. The plant thrives in sunshine, it doesn’t need much water but needs protection from winter cold. Desert rose comes to life during summer with flowers in beautiful shades of rosy pink. It truly is a collector’s plant.


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  1. What a lovely flower…dont remember seeing it b4! awesome!

  2. Beautiful plant !!

  3. Anuradha says:

    Dainty damsels…Yes..even the leaves resemble that of the ubiquitous frangipani of India.

  4. Hi Indira,

    Long time fan of your site. Your post about flowers resonated so much with me. Now that you are posting about flowers, Would love to see your whole garden as it is now in bloom. Iam sure it must be spectacular. Take care.

  5. Narayan says:

    Yes, Indira – not only the flowers, but the leaves as well.

  6. Kay says:

    Beautiful! I’m a diehard frangipani fan as well…. I have an art (in canvas) that reminds me of frangipani…and am right now wearing a skirt that has flowers like that..Well, I got to get my frangipani fix somewhere!
    Every time I visit India, I try to persuade my friends and family to plant a frangipani in their garden. 😉

  7. sri says:

    no updates from you for a long time.Looking forward for some updates or new recipe.

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