Goddess of the Garden ~ Dontara Malli

7-layered Sambac Jasmine (Dontara Malli)
Dontara Malli (7-layered Grand-Duke Jasmine)

A little youthful exuberance, layers of calming elegance and wide-eyed with innocence. A whiff of its heady scent, the passion swells. This lovely seven-layered jasmine has to be one of the most beautiful jasmines out there in garden world. She is the goddess of day dreams, fantasy and romance.


22 Responses to “Goddess of the Garden ~ Dontara Malli”

  1. Beautiful! We’ve grown them in India, in our gardens!

  2. Cilantro says:

    Beautiful! Loved reading your description.

  3. kalva says:

    isnt this gundu malli? lovely pic

  4. Aparna says:

    Beautiful!! Simply sublime! Thank you for a nice picture. Since you are sharing abt garden flowers, could you also share where you got them for the viewing audience? It will be very helpful.

    I have four jasmine plants and I still want more!! I got mine from Walmart/ Lowe’s….Can you blame me? Malli is Malli especially in summer 🙂

    Thanks again Indira!

  5. Wowwww… Beautiful !!

  6. soumay says:

    Very Beautiful Indira…You brought back my childhood memories.
    I can still smell the scent. Wow Thank you.

  7. Fathima says:

    Beautiful, We had a plant in our garden, one flower is enough to scent the whole garden. We called it roja malli.
    Jasmines always remind me of my Mother. Whenever we got transferred, the first thing my Mother did was to plant jasmine in the front yard.

  8. Siri says:

    Beautiful pic and Beautiful words to accompany.


  9. Anuradha says:

    I couldn’t agree more. There is no better description for this goddess of day dreams, fantasy and romance. Ah..I am already dreaming of those romantic summer evenings…

  10. vineela says:

    Beautiful picture.

  11. Vijaya says:

    I live in California, USA. Is there a way I can buy this plant?

  12. Narayan says:

    Oh So pretty. You have Indian flowers in your garden, too?

  13. Indira says:

    Thanks all for your malli like notes.

    Aparna: It is from a local Houston nursery called Josephs. I also have few gundu mallis from Lowes and Walmart. Malli is malli, doesn’t matter where it is from, right?:)

    Vijaya: May be you can find at your local nurseries.

    Narayan: It’s all in pursuit of the beautiful India, all the time.

  14. Mona says:

    Beautiful snap!

  15. sruthysatish says:

    hi indira,
    loved your beautiful garden and more than that your patience to nurture it.waiting for your new recipes and ideas!……

  16. Viswa says:

    Gorgeous! Love Love Love Adukku malli

  17. vijaya says:

    Hi Indira,

    This is vijaya from california. Ikkada nurseries lo Arabian Jasmines ye dorukutunnayi. Naaku mee Dontara malli chala nachhindi. Meeru ammite mee daggare kontanu. Pls let me know.


  18. Tharini says:

    Hi Indira,

    Its very nice, you are doing an excellent work on your garden. I would like to have one in my garden also. Could youlet me know from which nursery you had got this jsasmin plant from.

  19. Sujatha says:

    Hi Indira,
    Loved ur garden. My issue , my malli plant is very big but it hardly blooms.this summer i just had couple of flowers. I live in texas. All my friends had good season. What could have been the issue with mine.
    Appreciate ur feedback.

  20. Versa Kay says:

    Beautiful photo. We can call this Goddess Dontara malle, yes, but as far as I know we call a two layered malle as dontara malle. I may be wrong. This I think is called Bondu malle.
    Thanks for the post.

  21. Dr.rani kurapati says:

    Please give me the botanical name of the Dontara malli, so I can ask the Joseph’s nursery for this particular plant

    Hello Rani, It’s sold as “Grand Duke Jasmine” at Joseph’s nursery.

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