Oil-Free Salad with Green Almonds

Green almonds, Green Mango and Black Pepper
Finely Chopped Green Almonds, Green Mango, and Black Peppercorn

Today’s recipe is inspired by yesterday’s thought (post) . Green almonds and Green mango sounded like a natural pair. Before the idea expired, I had to try the combination. Green almonds and green mango were cut to small pieces. Black pepper and salt were added. When I had a taste, the flavor combination tasted awesome. Unripe almonds and unripe mango complemented each other without overwhelming and overpowering each other’s sweet and sour qualities. Parents also liked this simple, oil-free salad and praised the good ruchi.

Oil-Free Salad with Green Almonds and Green Mango
(makes about 4 half cup servings)

12 green almonds
1 small green mango
6 peppercorn
1/4 teaspoon salt

Wash the green almonds. Trim the edges and finely cut them to tiny pieces.

Peel the green mango skin. Cut and remove the seed. Finely chop the mango to tiny pieces.

Take peppercorn and salt in a mortar. Pound to coarse powder.

Put the chopped almonds and mango in a bowl. Sprinkle the pepper-salt powder. Combine and serve.

© Recipe and Photos Copyright 2009 Indira Singari.

Green Almond Salad
Oil Free Salad with Green Almonds and Green Mango ~ Meal Today


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