A Workout Vratham

In a fit as fiddle family, an awkward acoustic guitar aspired to be fit as flute.

So made the year 2009 “Fit as Flute” Year.

Started working out regularly and paying attention to the meal portions. It was going well but the passing time brought a no-progress plateau.

Then came the inspiring Kay to the rescue with a workout vratham.

Just like any venerable vratham, there is a time limit (duration) and food restrictions. July 18th – 31st, two weeks. No grains and no sugar. Allowed are legumes, lentils, greens and vegetables. Exercise regularly and eat sensibly. This is the plan and join in, she invited us all. Kay’s workout vratham sounded promising to overcome the plateau. She also has a detailed list of do’s and don’ts, which was very helpful for meal menu planning.

So here I am, my first ever vratham of this nature and naturally little bit apprehensive. Mainly because I intend to maintain a food dairy during this time. Hoping it would go smoothly without any hungry hiccups.

Peace and quiet are part of the vratham sampradayam. Follow if you must but keep the comment obnoxi-noise down. I would appreciate that very much.


July 7th, 09 In Retrospect

Breakfast (7 AM):
A cup of Ragi Malt sweetened with jaggery
One slice of toasted whole wheat-nut bread with strawberry jam

Lunch (12 PM):
One chapati
Small cup of Palak Chole
Small glass of Tomato Rasam
Small spoon of refreshing and cooling Dadhojanam
Sweet and Juicy Mango, two pieces

Evening (4 PM):
A cup of Ginger tea sweetened with honey.

Dinner (7 PM):
One chapati
Small cup of Palak Chole
small spoon serving of Chickpea Guggullu
Small spoon of refreshing Dadhojanam
Sweet Mango, two pieces at 8PM.

Morning Workout (9-11 AM):
Walked an hour. Weights class, an hour at the gym.

Evening workout (3-6 PM):
Did some yard work. Spruced up the front yard and planted 6 hibiscus, 12 tiny periwinkle plants.

In Retrospect:
Pleasant day.
Missed taking photos of palak chole for the Mahanandi. Next time.


Weekend Movie ~ Subramaniapuram

I don’t remember exactly how I stumbled upon this melodious song from the movie Subramaniapuram, on YouTube. The music, characters in it and the picturization caught my immediate attention and searched for more. I found part-1 of the movie on YouTube. Watched it and went to next, part-2 and so on. I am now addicted to watching this movie.

I enjoyed watching because this movie brought back all the experiences I had from my childhood days. The narrow, tight street passages reminded me of my home and the streets where I lived. The bell-bottom pants and lungi-clad characters were reminiscent of my elder cousins who I played and grew up with. The rickshaws and jatkas reminded of the travel means we frequently used in those days. The bicycles brought back those good-old bicycle riding days to school. The movie made me relive my yesteryears.

Though I don’t speak or understand Tamil, I had to read the subtitles only few times to understand what was going on. It’s made with such a sophistication that you would seldom think you are watching a movie. You’d feel like you are living with the characters.

A real movie!


Mango Meal

Mango Meal
Mango and Majjiga ~ Meal Today

Share your meal time fruits.


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